What do you want?

Now bad boy Luke is trying to get Ms.Scarlet James. It isn't going to be easy knowing what happened in second grade. Will Luke be able to get Scarlet?


1. No Way

Hi. I'm Scarlet. I enjoy penny boarding and hanging out with friends. I'm 15 and go to Pacific Bell High. My best friend is Mallory and she is beautiful. I have an older brother Louis. My mom is an OB nurse at St.Marie's Hospital and my dad is a police officer. I work at Starbucks. ikr. Anyways



Scarlet's POV**



Louis drove me to school and I walked in and met Mallory.




"Your outfit is really cute today."


I had on red vans, white shorts, (they were kinda short but not to short) and I red tank top. I didn't feel like dressing up today but apparently I didn't look to bad.



We walked to Mr.Parker's room. He was our English teacher. He was also one of the nicer teachers. We sat towards the back in our usual spot. The bell hadn't rang so there weren't many kids in the room. Luke walked in with Calum, Ashton, and Michael. The Populars. They walked in and sat right behind me and Mallory. That was strange they never sit by us and don't really like me either.



Luke's POV**



I walked in with Calum, Ashton, and Michael. We sat behind Scarlet and Mallory. Scarlet looked really hot today.


"You look nice today." She turned around quickly. I but my lip just to make her mad.


"What do want perv." She said.


"You." I smiled.


"No way." She said disgusted.


"Why not babe?"


"Don't call me babe. I am not your girlfriend."


"Not yet." I smiled backed. I added a wink in too.



Mallory's POV**



"What was that all about?"



"I don't know. But if he's actually interested in me that's disgusting."



Scarlet's POV**



Mr.Parker told everyone to take there seats.


"Okay everybody listen up. I will be giving you a project to work on. I am not going to tell yet but we will be choosing partners. Okay. So who wants to go first?"


Half of the class raised their hands including Luke and Mallory.


"Luke who would you like to be your partner?" Mr.Parker said.


My heart dropped. Please don't be me. Please don't be me. Please don't be me. I thought to myself.


"Scarlet." He said.


This couldn't be true not Luke Hemmings of all people. No.



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