What do you want?

Now bad boy Luke is trying to get Ms.Scarlet James. It isn't going to be easy knowing what happened in second grade. Will Luke be able to get Scarlet?


6. Home

Louis's POV**



I walked out of the bathroom and saw Luke and Sarlet kissing. I thought they weren't dating.


"Stop it." Scarlet said Sternly.


"Why?" Luke asked.


I walked into the kitchen so they would notice me. I heard the door closed and Scarlet came into the kitchen.


"What was that. I thought you didn't like him."


"I don't he keeps following."



Scacrlet's POV** 



I closed the door on Luke so he would leave. I walked into the kitchen to grab something to eat.


"What was that I thought youi didn't like him." Louis said kind of confused.


"I don't he keeps folllowing me around."


I grabbed an apple and walked upstairs to my room. 


"I'M GOING TO TOWN." Louis yelled.


The doorbell rang again. It better not be Hemmings again. I opened the door and it was Harry.


"Hiii." He smiled.


"Hi." I smiled back. "Want to come in?


He came in and we went to my bedroom. 






"There is something I need to tell you. I like you a lot." He said shyly.


"Oh I have never really had someone like me."


"Your beautiful." He smiled and leaned in and kissed me passionately. Which the n  lead in to a full make out session. He laid on top of me and started to take my shirt off. He then took off his to. I heard the door open and I immediatly grabbed my shirt and threw it back on. I walked downstairs to see Luke and Louis talking.


"Hi, Scarlet."


"Hi." I said as I rolled my eyes. arry then came downstairs and wrapped his arm around my waist. I didn't mind it. He was cute. Louis didn't seem to surprised to see Harry next to me.


"Let's go Harry." Louis said. They left me alone with Luke. Why Luke.


Luke pushed me against the wall before I could do anything he had me trapped. 


"Scarlet. I like you."


"Gr-" Luke started kissing me before I could finish.


Next thing you know oiur shirts were off and we were now in my room.




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