From the beginning

Let's just say that I have known one direction "FROM THE BEGINNING"


1. tralier/Niall

Hi my name is Amy Wilson I am 20 and I am in a sticky situation because I just bumped into my five friends in a band.

Let me tell you from the beginning

I was outside my new house because mommy,daddy,and me just moved to somewhere new( she is only 5 )we got inside and I picked my room and unpacked then mommy called me down stairs to tell me something

Mommy said,"honey we are all going to say hi to the neighbors!


"Let's go!"

We walked to a house next to ours and knocked on the door and a little boy came to the door and said,"hello?"

"Hi we are your new neighbors!"

"Mommy come here it is for you!!!"

A voice,"coming"

Then a woman came to the door and the boy said,"they are the neighbors"

Mommy said,"hi he is so cute!"

"Thank you and hi I am Noel and this is Niall and there is n older one named Greg"

"Hi my name is Molly this is David and this little girl is Amy!"

"Oh nice names come in!"

"Thank you"

We walked in and there was a big room full of toys and I think the boy named Greg said,"ugh a girl who is this?"

The mom said,"be nice she's your neighbor!"

I said,"hi"

Niall said,"do you like to play want to play?"

I said,"ya lets play

Greg said,"no she can't play"

Then he hit me and I fell down and hit my arm on the metal train and I heard a crack it hurt



There mom=tm




Me-ahh it hurts

Tm-Greg Horan!go to your room now

M-amy what hurts

Me-my arm I heard a crack

M-call the ambulance please

Tm-ok hold on

D-honey it's ok just don't focus on it


The ambulance was here and toke me to the doctor where I found out that I have a broken arm and that Greg is going to get in big trouble

Niall came in the room all worried

N-what's wrong

A-I have a broken arm but I'm fine


Sorry that I have to cut the chapter half way though a conversation but it if kinda a cliffhanger because Niall wants to ask amy something.hope you like the book,I was bored so I started to make another one and do you want me to delete I have a daughter book because I am not going to up date it any time soon so ya bye anti spoons

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