From the beginning

Let's just say that I have known one direction "FROM THE BEGINNING"


2. Niall

Niall's POV

N-oh ok hope you feel better

A-spit it out

N- amy can you be my best friend/girlfriend

i really hoped she said yes because she looks so nice and sweet


N-yay thank you so much thank you,I will go to get your mommy to get us out of here

A-ok hurry!

OMG I am so happy right now she's my girlfriend my first and I'm guessing her first yay

I walked up to mrs.wilson and said,"can we go now or no?"

Mrs.wilson turned and looked down at me and said,"sure lets go get amy and I know you have a crush on her Niall"

"Well ya I do she is just so nice and sweet!"

We walked into the room and got amy than left I asked them if I can come over and they said yes!

Amy's POV

I was sad when Niall left because

1.he left

2.we have to move again

I was so sad and mad I didn't want Niall to now so we packed at night and no one knew in till we were done even Niall

Niall's POV

I was going to Amy's house to play when I relised she was gone so I went in with a key under a rock and went in there was a toy voice recording machine and it said," if this is not Niall then third away but if it is than listen I moved again and couldn't bring my self to tell you but always remember me and I will remember you and I never told you but I asked my mommy about love and she described the way I feel around you so I guess I love you!


So I updated comment on who shod be next

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