From the beginning

Let's just say that I have known one direction "FROM THE BEGINNING"


4. Liam part two

«3 years later»

Amy's POV

I am in fourth grade now with Liam,perrie left in second grade because she was only here as transfer student we where best friends. Me and Liam are boyfriend and girlfriend but i haven't had my first kiss yet i want it to be special. I have been dating Liam for 2 years and we haven't hade a date in 6 weeks,yes I'm counting! Im on my way to Liam's house i walked into Liam's house with my key.

"Hey Amy how are you?" Liam questioned

"Im good how about you my boyfriend!?" I said to Liam who blushed

"Im good…um…Amy…" he asked more like said. I looked at him and he looked guilty and sad. Did he cheat on me?

"What Liam spit it out!" I said angry.

"Um …well my mom just told me that you have to move again." He said almost bursting into tears.

"Liam just remember that You will be the first ever real boyfriend to me but if you ever and I mean ever run into Niall Horan do not tell him that he is just a little boy ok you have to swear on our relationship!" I said with serious in my face

"I promise on us." Liam stated

"Ok I love you Liam." I said he looked at me with surprise

"I love you too." He said happily


Ok guys i need you to comment on what your thinking and who i should do next till I have a list

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