From the beginning

Let's just say that I have known one direction "FROM THE BEGINNING"


3. liam part one

Amy's POV

I moved again and i am so sad I really wanted to stay with Niall but we had to move to Wolverhampton and I start school tomorrow and I miss Niall so much


I got woken up by my mom for school and she gave me my outfit and I put that on then she put my hair in a high ponytail. I went downstairs to eat pancakes and bacon. I ate and got into the car i was quiet because i though if i started to talk i would cry because of Niall.

~skip car ride~

When I got to school my mom said goodbye and left. So today is my first day in first grade my teacher is mrs.Sloan hopefully this will go well. I got in the class room and found my desk before anybody else. I was starting at the beginning of the year so i wouldn't miss anything. "Class today is the first day of first grade and i would like to introduce Amy Wilson" my teacher said telling me with her hands to come to the front of the room. I got up and a couple of girls where looking at me than whispering and after whispering pointing at a boy that sat next to me i had talked to him before class his name was Liam Payne. Instead of walking up to the front i walked toured the girls i say in the corner of my eye that Liam was surprised when i walked the other way. I walked right in front of the girls desks and asked " what are you laughing about!" The girl was surprised and the teacher said "Amy what are you talking about?" I turned and looked at her confused face i said "when i was walking up these four girls" i said pointing at the girls "looked at me and whispered than pointed at Liam" everyone was surprised that i knew his name and i continued on "than laughed so i want to know why they where laughing at my friend!" I asked. Than everyone gasps that i called Liam my friend "why are you a surprised that I'm his friend!"i shouted i looked of at Liam he was surprised again. The leader of the girls walks over to Liam and slaps than kicks Liam to the ground and she forgot about the teacher and the 18 other witnesses. The teacher yelled "Deana what are you doing?" She looked up and looked at the teacher than at Liam and back at the teacher "um…"she whispered. I whispered to the teacher"can i please yell out soft busted?" Mrs.Sloan stood up from being at my level at said to me and the class "ya the lesson i was going to teach was boring anyway!" Everyone was confused than i yelled out soft "BUSTED!!" The whole class laughed at Deana. At recess i bumped into a girl in my class named perrie she was nice and became my friend. I was looking for Liam with perrie and i heard deana saying while kicking Liam in the stomach " you are going to be in so much pain you wish that Amy was never hear". I walked out while perrie staid behind the wall recording it with a voice recorder. "Well well well look what we have hear we have my friend and the girl who everybody hates but are to scared to admit it because they don't want to end up in the situation Liam is now" i said evilly i distracted deana and Liam ran out to get the principal. I walked up to her and said "you are alone at home so you boss yourself around and when you come to school it says the same you boss other people around than hit or kick if they disagree or you don't like them?" I questioned. She laughed and said "ya right I'm not alone i have my three best friends!" I motioned the girls over and said to say what you said to me "we aren't your friends and never were we were just scared of you" and as soon as they where done she tried to punch me and i grabbed her hand and turned it to go behind her back when i turned around i saw my mom,teacher,principal,perrie,and Liam. "Hi i said waving with deana's open hand,Liam laughed

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