Maggie was always an ordinary girl. After moving halfway across Michigan, she thought she had to battle the troubles of starting again - new school, new friends, new trends to follow. That was, until she met Tomas and was invited to join his group of friends. However, when she accepted she had no idea that her world was about to be thrown into chaos.



     So it turns out that a Flector gains their powers when they turn seventeen, and the exact time of when you gain your powers depends on the element you have. Since I apparently have fire, I will obtain my powers when the sun is at its highest on my seventeenth birthday.

     “So how did you get your powers?” I asked as we walked through the streets of our town.

     “Remember when I said I’m not elemental?” I nodded, “Well elemental Flectors get their powers almost instantly, and that makes them more powerful. So that’s you with fire, Luke with water, Elliot with earth and Tomas with air. There are others of us, but we’re not as powerful. For instance, if you’re lightning, which is me, you get your powers when the first lightning bolt after your birthday strikes. And that could be years, although it’s unlikely.”

     “What other types of Flectors are there?”

     Alice laughed, “Oh, there’s heaps of us. Lava, metal, salts, wood, blood, although you can’t control blood when it’s in someone so it would suck to be that type of Flector.”

     “How does it happen? I mean, how will I know I have my powers?”

     “Energy courses through your body. You’ll know when it’s happening because you will feel a searing pain shoot down your spine,” Alice answered as we rounded the corner and made our way to the back of the theater. When she saw my face she doubled back, “But it’s very fast and over quickly. I mean, I don’t even remember the pain. When is your birthday, anyway?”

     “Next week, on Thursday.”

     The guys were lounging around on the grass when we arrived. Luke must’ve been asleep because Elliot was putting daisies in his hair. When we approached he held a finger to his lips, gesturing to us to be silent. We started whispering.

     “Okay, what do you know?” Elliot asked me as he placed one final daisy behind Luke’s ear, as if he knew Alice would fill me in.

     “I know of your powers, I know about my seventeenth and how I will get my powers when the sun is at its highest, I know we’re elemental and Alice isn’t, and I know about Flector siblings,” I smiled at Alice, “And that there are heaps of different types of Flectors. Wait, how does someone become a Flector? Because I know my mom and dad aren’t.”

     “We’re still trying to figure that out,” Tomas interrupted as he came to join us, “Teen Flectors have this joke, and I said it to you when we first met. When you didn’t react, that’s when we knew that you didn’t know.”

     “What joke?”

     “That we’re a highly intelligent species greater than human beings,” Alice replied, “It’s a dumb joke.”

     “So how do you guys know about me then? How can you be sure that I’m a Flector too?”

     Alice laid back and started shooting sparks into the air, allowing one of the guys to answer the question. That’s when we heard Luke wake up.

     “Why good afternoon, sleeping beauty,” Tomas teased as Luke lifted his head.

     A daisy dropped onto Luke’s lap and he picked it up and studied it. Then, without another word he shook his head and the flowers went flying. It was so comical that we couldn’t help but laugh. He glared at us. Then when he looked at me, his eyes softened.

     “How’re you holding up?”

     “I think I’m okay. I’ve accepted everything I’ve seen, but I’m having a hard time believing that I’m a Flector too. Are you guys sure about me?”

     “Positive,” Tomas said, “The way to tell a Flector from a human is through their eyes. For instance, the orange in your eyes shows that you are a fire Flector. We don’t know how though, but we’ll find out.”

     I stared at their eyes. Luke’s were insanely blue like the ocean. Elliot’s were as green as grass. Alice’s baby blue eyes were actually streaked like lightning. Tomas’ were more misty rather than plain grey like what I saw when I first met him.

     Maybe I was like them. It was difficult to believe, but not entirely impossible. But just the idea of being able to shoot fire from my palms didn’t seem real to me. I couldn’t understand how easy it was for me to believe them, but how difficult it was for me to believe myself.

     “So do Flectors serve a purpose?”

     “Do humans serve a purpose?” Tomas countered, “We’re exactly like humans, except we can control an element. We’ve been here since the dawn of mankind, as far as we’re aware. Since we’re anatomically the same as humans, there’s no way we can tell our fossils apart.”

     “But why are you guys in hiding? Or at least why are you hiding your powers?” I questioned curiously.

     “Centuries ago our ancestors tried to use our powers out in the open. It wasn’t like they were hurting anyone, but the humans didn’t respond well. They just wanted us to be free and not have to hide our abilities, but it was a disaster. What followed next is what we call the Great Huntings.”

     “But the world’s different now. Surely if you guys came out now they would react differently.”

     “What, like how you reacted?” Luke interjected. I felt my cheeks flush.

     “Have you learnt about the Entum yet?” Elliot asked.

     I shook my head.

     “The Entum is like our sanctuary. If we feel threatened, we can go there at any time. Every town has a gateway that can take you there, but only our elders live there fulltime. It was created after the Great Huntings as a safe haven, and it’s kind of like our kingdom as well.”

     “The ironic thing about Flectors having to stay hidden, though,” Alice added, “Is that some of us can’t train properly so we can’t fully control our powers. This means that if we have an outburst it could harm the humans. I haven’t got full control over my powers yet.”

     “So we need somewhere to go so you guys can practice and learn how to control your powers?” I asked her.

     “Yeah, except there’s nowhere out of sight for us to train. This place is the closest we’ve found, and it's still risky for us to be here.”

     “I think I know where we can go.”

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