The Final Whisper

A 10 year-old girl was staring down at her dying father. She bent down and whispered something in her ear. She started to talk right in the middle of his last breath. She brings the necklace to her Grandmother and learns shocking news. The necklace has been in the family for generations. When ever Ellie is in a bad mood it will make her mothr sick. Ellie will have to find ways to make herself happy or she will be an orphan.


7. What did you do?

Ellie opened the back door in the garage which caused a loud creak sound to expell from the door. She opened iit and her car was next to the Great Pine that Ellie had always loved to climb. She rushed over to it and swung open the door. She remembered how her father had always loved to sit in the front. He said it was like he was in first place at a race and was going faster than trains. He said he was just like Superman. Ellie felt an aching pain in her heart. Suddenly, she looked up from her feet at the sound of her mom getting into the car. "Wow, I just had the strangest feeling. I got a sudden heartburn flash. I need to check that out!" Mrs. Groth said as she stuck the key into a slot by the wheel. The car roared with energy and then started speeding along the road to home. "Mom, when did you feel that way? You know~ when you had the heartburn thing?" Ellie asked as she looked at her Mom's concentration. Ellie was clutching the necklace she was wearing around her neck and realized, she had done the heartburn flash to her mother. "Well, I was walking to the car and you started looking at your feet and I saw you through the window. I just had a heartburn type thing happen the moment you looked down. Maybe I just had a mom instinct from your sadness. By the way, why are you so sad?" Mrs. Groth asked as she looked caringly down at her daughter who was clutching the necklace tighter than ever before. "No reason, and I am not sad! I just looked at my shoes because I love them and I didn't want to get them dirty!" Ellie lied. Mrs. Groth just looked at Ellie with a shocked look on her face. "Well, I truly know that you weren't telling stories down there in the basement so what did you do?' Mrs. Groth said. Ellie's face froze. Her heart stopped beating and she started thinking about excuses to tell her mom. "Tell me the truth Ellie", Mrs. Groth said sternly. Ellie sighed deeply and looked in her Mom's face and realized that she just couldn't tell her about it. Ellie gathered up all her curage and said," We were honestly downstairs and Grandma was showing me books and we were talking about my necklace.". Ellie wiped her brow because t least half of that stuff was true. Mrs.Groth shrugged and ooked back on the road. Elie leaned forward and turned up the radio. It was Ellie and her mom's favorite song. They started shouting and singing at the top of their lungs in an instant. Ellie smiled and knew everything was going to be ok.

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