The Final Whisper

A 10 year-old girl was staring down at her dying father. She bent down and whispered something in her ear. She started to talk right in the middle of his last breath. She brings the necklace to her Grandmother and learns shocking news. The necklace has been in the family for generations. When ever Ellie is in a bad mood it will make her mothr sick. Ellie will have to find ways to make herself happy or she will be an orphan.


6. The Drawer

The drawer seemed so far away as Ellie ducked and crawled again. I have done this too many times before, Ellie thought as she ducked under the wooden board for the last time. "Grandma, what is in the drawer?" Ellie asked as her Grandma met her by the drawer. Her Grandma winked at her and said, "Well, how about you find out?". Ellie opened the drawer and found a bottle full of teal liquid. She picked it up and then her Grandma snatched it from her hands. She poured the liquid on the necklace and Ellie watched the necklace shine and produce a light onto the ceiling. It showed pictures of people. "These are people who have suffered the sickness of the necklace. It happens when the wearer gets too sad or depressed which effects the person they love most's health" Grandma Groth said as she was staring at the necklace and almost cried when a picture came up. It showed a man with short brown hair. He was wearing a large brown suit and had black rimmed glasses. Overall, he seemed pretty important. "That was my father. My mother was always so upset about random things, she would never tell anyone what it was all about. It ended up killing my father~ litterally" Grandma Groth was saying as the necklace stopped glowing. "When, some one suceeds at wearing this necklace, all that have suffered will come back as healthy as can be. I do hope that you will suceed and I will be able to see my father again." Grandma Groth said. A creaking sound came from the front of the room and Ellie and Grandma turned. It was Mrs. Groth. "What are you guys doing down here?" Mrs. Groth asked. Grandma typed in the random code on the number pad next to the drawer and the drawer closed so that Mrs. Groth didn't need to know anything. "Oh, just..... TELLING STORIES" Grandma Groth practically shouted to Ellie's mother. Mrs. Groth just raised and eyebrow and said, "Ok" in a slightly freaked out voice. Ellie snickered and said. "Well, Ellie it is time to go home so, let's get out of this basement!" Mrs. Groth said and arted walking toward the stairway that went into the garage. Ellie chuckled again and then said, " Ok, I'm coming Mumsy! *giggle* Bye Grandma! I hope I see you soon!". Ellie ran up the steps on the other side of the room and was led into the garage.

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