The Final Whisper

A 10 year-old girl was staring down at her dying father. She bent down and whispered something in her ear. She started to talk right in the middle of his last breath. She brings the necklace to her Grandmother and learns shocking news. The necklace has been in the family for generations. When ever Ellie is in a bad mood it will make her mothr sick. Ellie will have to find ways to make herself happy or she will be an orphan.


2. Life Alone

Although Ellie still had her mother, she always seemed to feel left alone. She saw life as a dark room. You walk through and see what is behind every corner. You just keep walking and going eith everything that seems to come at you. You just keep walking until you reach the end. She kept telling herself that her father's room (life) had ended and there was a wall. Her mother wasn't any better than her. She would jot down quick notes and rush out the door to do who knows what. The notes were always by micowavable food in a box. The notes usually said, "Dear Ellie

I am going out. You can cook the food for 2 minutes! I'll be back soon. Love You!


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