The Final Whisper

A 10 year-old girl was staring down at her dying father. She bent down and whispered something in her ear. She started to talk right in the middle of his last breath. She brings the necklace to her Grandmother and learns shocking news. The necklace has been in the family for generations. When ever Ellie is in a bad mood it will make her mothr sick. Ellie will have to find ways to make herself happy or she will be an orphan.


1. Final Breath

"Honey lets go visit your dad!" cried Ellie's mom as she was slipping on her coat and starting the car. Ellie slipped on her purple fluffy boots and ran out the door. The van was locked so Ellie stood outside for a couple minutes while her mom was calling Ellie's grandma. She rushed outside the door and unlocked the car. Ellie Groth had never experienced something so fast moving and had never seen such a worried expression on Mrs. Groth's face. In minutes Mrs. Groth was arriving at the hospital. Ellie jumped out of the car and stared at the tall building in front of her. Her mother was halfway through the door already and Ellie ran after her. She stepped inside the elevator and almost slammed the 4 button. The elevator was crammed with others that were almost as frantic as Mrs. Groth. Some were even hunched in corners and crying. Ellie shuddered and looked forward so that she wouldn't have to see what was going on. Mrs. Groth grabbed her hand and ran down the hall. She jogged into a room that had a tiny whiteboard beside the door. It had " HARRY GROTH ROOM 201" plastered across it with a dry erase board marker. Ellie rushed into the room and saw her father with tubes hooked up and down his body. Ellie overheard the nurse talking about how he had a eart attack at work. She heard the doctor say the most horrifying words. "He won't be with us for long. He will be visitong God in heaven" , the doctor said as he was checking things off on a clipboard. Ellie's eyes were tearing up and when she saw her father motioning her to come forward to him was crossign the line. She started full out balling and knew what the people on the elevator were experiencing. Her father tried to smile at her. He whispered in a hoarse and scraggly voice, "Ellie, you are part of a powerful family. Remember the blue locket I got you for your birthday right? Bring that to Grandma Groth okay? Love you". He said as his eyes closed. She started to say," I Lo-" but she was cut short by a loud beeping noise from a machine with a straight line across it. Ellie knew that meant he was gone. She started crying as she let go of his now weak grip on her hand. Doctors and nurses were racing around the room shouting and trying to help him. But, while everyone was running and shouting Ellie looked at her mom and she nodded as if she knew what Ellie was asking. He was gone for good.

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