We need Safety~part 1

Part 1 of my first fan fiction! hope you like^.^In part one of we need safety, Harry consults Hermione about the danges they will soon that she will know about later at the dinner party, while this is happening ron has a concern look on his face and his concerned about them to.


1. The trainstation

"Hermione!" Harry called as the train to hogwarts was leaving and harry's son was on his way."Ron hold on a second ill be right back". "Harry could this not wait until tonight at your dinner party?" asked Hermione. "No,no its really important Hermione""Fine ok, Ron! Go on ahead ill be a few minutes!"Ron left with Ginny.Ron had a judgemental look on his face, He knew somthing was going between Harry and Hermione, but he didnt know what..

"Look Hermione, I cant tell you here its not safe enough here but I need you to meet me at the playground near privet drive its to risky to te- "Harry! you seriously cant expect me to meet you there! its still on watch by the ministry of magic and if I was to go, What would I tell Ron?""look Hermione I dont know Ok you come up with A place to meet and a excuse.""Harry! I still havent Agreed to it ,its to sudden for me, I need to get back to ronald ill talk to you later tonight Harry." "Hermione wait!""I need you to talk to me about this" Hermione realises this and thinks about it, What if its to do about Ron? What if its about albus? I cant just ignore Harry, I need to help him. " Hermione please I need y-Alley on phoinex drive 6 o'clock.Hermione walks away in disbelief, what has she done, she ignored this and kept walking without looking at Harry until 6 o'clock in the Alley at phoinex drive....

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