Kaydee Wills is a normal girl, with normal friends. But one day, when a strange animal comes pouncing at her in her room, she unlocks weird and wonderful powers. But when she gets angry at a bully in her class, she knocks her out, with a strange purple jet of energy. Sure her powers are cool, but will she ever learn to control them?


2. When IT Came

I remember it so vividly. When it came. I was in my room, one night, doing homework. Math, I think. It was all quiet, then I heard something. Scratching. Like nails on a chalkboard. It was coming from the window. I got up slowly, being careful not to make too much noise. I peeped out of the window, and saw...

Nothing? Then, I heard something running behind me. I spun round, my eyes wide. And then I saw it. A strange, black and blue, creature, the shape and size of a veloceraptor. It barred its teeth, and advanced on me. I was so scared I could barely breath. It suddenly raced into me, slamming me into the wall. My head banged hard on it, and my vision started to swim. My chest was heaving, and black dots appeared in front of my eyes. The creature walked menacingly toward me, and I felt the atmosphere thicken, as though with...magic? The creature charged into me again, throwing my body through the glass of the window, and onto the cold, hard gravel outside. The sky darkened with an evil force, and I was struck in the chest with purple lightning. My body stuttered for a minute, then lay back down with a shudder. I strained my eyes, and saw the creature backing away. I sighed with relief, and closed my eyes, finally blacking out...


Good enough, guys?

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