Kaydee Wills is a normal girl, with normal friends. But one day, when a strange animal comes pouncing at her in her room, she unlocks weird and wonderful powers. But when she gets angry at a bully in her class, she knocks her out, with a strange purple jet of energy. Sure her powers are cool, but will she ever learn to control them?


3. Waking Up

It was the morning after it came, I was tired, confused and I felt strange. It felt like all my muscels had been taken out, then put back in in the wrong places. It was horrible. All the time I was thinking, why me? Of all people, why did this happen to me? Its not fair. I sat up on the grass where I had fallen last night. There was a crown around me, whispering. I couldnt quite hear what they were saying, but I caught snatches of it. "what happened?" "is she alright?" "how did she get there?" I didnt like the fact that they were talking about me, so I stood up. They all gasped. "LOOK AT HER HEAD!!!" "OH NO!!! IS SHE OK!?!" My head throbbed. I put a hand up to it and felt something sticky. I brought my hand back down and examined it. Blood.
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