Kaydee Wills is a normal girl, with normal friends. But one day, when a strange animal comes pouncing at her in her room, she unlocks weird and wonderful powers. But when she gets angry at a bully in her class, she knocks her out, with a strange purple jet of energy. Sure her powers are cool, but will she ever learn to control them?


5. Lightning bolts

​"Oh  wait, you were attacked by ​monsters!"  I felt my face go red.

"I don't need this," I mumbled. But it was no use. She kept on taunting, and I got redder every time she did. Her friends would laugh, and encourage her to carry on doing it. Then I'd had enough.

"STOP IT!" I screamed. That stunned them for a second. Then they started giggling. Then chuckling. Then finally laughing. Then I got angry. I don't know what happened, but the next moment, I saw purple. It blinded me for a second, then Courtney was on the floor, looking at me with shock spread across her face. I decided to beef it up a little, even though I didn't know what happened.

"Stay away from me! Or you'll never return home!" I shouted in her face. She nodded frantically, with that same look of shock on her face. I grinned to myself. No more bullys for me!

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