Kaydee Wills is a normal girl, with normal friends. But one day, when a strange animal comes pouncing at her in her room, she unlocks weird and wonderful powers. But when she gets angry at a bully in her class, she knocks her out, with a strange purple jet of energy. Sure her powers are cool, but will she ever learn to control them?


9. Huh!?!

I woke up in a strange room. It was long and narrow, with slits in the walls that only opened into a mirror. As I sat up, I heard thumping of heavy metal. I struggled around looking for the source of the noise. Then I looked down, my hands and feet were chained to a wooden stake, that was driven into the floor securely. Fear strangled my throat, and I battled to keep it down. I found that whenever I moved, it would feel like a knife was being driven into my leg. I felt eyes on my back, but when I turned around, no-one was there. I tried to stand up, wincing, but each wave if pain in my leg sent me crashing back down again. I whimpered, and glared at my surroundings again. But the room was empty, apart from me, my shackles and the door at the end of the hallway. A torrent of emotion racked my body, causing a sob to rise from my throat. Why was I here? Who had put me here? But most of all, what was I becoming...?

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