Kaydee Wills is a normal girl, with normal friends. But one day, when a strange animal comes pouncing at her in her room, she unlocks weird and wonderful powers. But when she gets angry at a bully in her class, she knocks her out, with a strange purple jet of energy. Sure her powers are cool, but will she ever learn to control them?


4. Bully

I walked to school, slowly. I didn't feel that good, and school was the last thing I would choose to do. Plus, the class bully, Emily Ria, was always determined to make my life a living hell. I just hoped she would lay off today. But there was no way she would. She loved bullying me. Unfortunately. I went to building D, for first period. And there she was, leaning against the door, smirking at me. I hung my head and tried to walk past her, but when I reached the door, she stuck her leg out and tripped me up. Her friends sniggered and I blushed bright red. I bent down to pick up my books, but Emily kicked them out of my reach. She then shrugged away from the door, and pushed me into a mud puddle.

"Hey, loser. How was your night? Oh wait, you were attacked by monsters," she laughed, a mean, evil laugh. 

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