'Fangirl' Comic Strip - WINNER of Project Remix

My entry for 'Project Remix' contest, in the comic strip category. Chosen work: 'Fangirl' by Rainbow Rowell.



3. Progress - LAYOUT

So, I started planning out my layout today, as you can probably see above... I originally planned to set this to the dimensions of mainstream comic books (26ish cm x 17ish cm), but I settled for A4, after rereading the rules.

The black box will definitely be filled with my other panel(s), and some of the space below the computer screen panel may be used too.

I understand that this might look a little weird to some of you, due to the overlapping and vague boundaries between the panels. However, this was actually inspired by the work of an inspirational comic book artist, who I also learnt today has actually contributed to this competition (check the 'comic strip - which category' blog post) - Kate Brown! Coincidence or what?! Here's one of my favourite examples of her work to show the kinda thing I'll be aiming for...

So yeah, as you can see, it's all overlap-y and funky (AND BEAUTIFUL). I'd love to achieve something like this for my Fangirl comic!

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