'Fangirl' Comic Strip - WINNER of Project Remix

My entry for 'Project Remix' contest, in the comic strip category. Chosen work: 'Fangirl' by Rainbow Rowell.




So, the final entry is now published in the first chapter...

  The page I've produced for my entry is based on an extract near the beginning of 'Fangirl', soon after Cath has started uni. I've paraphrased her FanFixx.net post a little, to fit it better into the comic strip, but yeah. It details her logging onto her FanFixx.net account and chewing on a carob-oat bar (which I had no idea even existed until about two weeks ago, and happen to be a pain to draw xD). 


The main panel is probably the key part of my entry. It's supposed to show how Cath is made to feel relaxed, happy and excited when thinking about/writing her fic, which I'm sure is something a lot of Movellians can relate to (I definitely can)! It shows her thinking about Baz and Simon kissing (oooooooooh, cuties), and has an extract from Carry On, Simon in the background, which I rewrote directly from the book, so it should be the same as it is in there. xD   Any other questions or queries, just ask. I've really enjoyed working so much for this contest! xD And I can't wait to read, watch, view and listen to all the winning entries in three weeks time!   Thanks guys! Laters. Pikachunicorn x
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