The Broken Angel

In the world of Mirum, a place of magic, angels, vampires, werewolves, dragons and Angels, 3 Angels are sent to investigate a disturbance in a small mining town but they find much more than a small party of goblins... An evil long thought destroyed has returned...and this time it won't leave any survivors


5. Slavers and Vampires

Eve and Izdaja made their way through the narrow and dirty streets of Prodigium, completely unaware that they were being followed, or so they made it seem. They got curious looks from the citizens of Prodigium, normal humans all, but the Angels ignored them. As they walked Izdaja told Eve his suspicions of the men that were following them very unsubtly.

‘They are slavers, they have to be.’ Izdaja whispered, keeping his voice down so as to not alert their followers.

‘Slavers? What would they have to do with us? Anyway, slavery was outlawed years ago!’

Izdaja shook his head. ‘There are places where it continues, and Angel slaves are often used as a symbol of status or rank amongst the rich.’

Eve seemed appalled by the suggestion of an Angel being a slave ‘They can’t! How would they keep us? What’s to stop the Angel from using magic?’

Izdaja sighed deeply as they rounded a corner. ‘The Angels wings, it’s where the magic is stored in an Angels body, in the cells in the wings. The slavers remove the wings and the Angel is suddenly the same strength of a human.’

Eve was quiet a moment. ‘I see. How do we get rid of them?’

‘We can’t, Angel slavers have been known to chase their quarry for months; we have to fight them.’

Eve nodded grimly ‘So be it.’

The Angels turned another corner rapidly, disappearing from the slavers view. The group of men quickened there pace to catch up and it’s here that Izdaja whirls, his fist flailing and catching the first man right under his jaw, knocking him into one of his fellows and both of them collapse on the floor. Eve draws her sword and turns to face three of the approaching men, one with two knives and the other two with simple swords. Izdaja is left facing the remaining four men, the first two men having regained their feet; all 4 of the men have swords. Izdaja faces them barehanded.

Eve lunges at one of the men with the swords and cuts his knee before he can move, the leg collapses under him but the other two men work quickly during this distraction to knock Eves weapon out of her hand. The man with two knives drops both of his weapons and wrestles Eve to the ground, who’s sword his being held by the uninjured man. The uninjured man leaves his friend lying in the dust and puts his sword to the joint where her wing met her shoulders. ‘Vites’ Eve began but the man holding her punches her in the throat and her spell dies on her lips. She glanced over to where Izdaja as and saw him in a similar position, she gave a quick prayer to whatever god was watching and prepared herself.

‘Excuse me boys!’ A light and airy voice drifted in from the side of street. All of the men, except the one who was still lying in the dust, looked over. Eve looked over also and saw a woman with blonde hair dressed in a yellow summer dress. Her skin was the colour of milk.

One of the men who were holding down Izdaja sneered at the woman ‘You can’t stop this.’

The woman laughed and waved a hand. ‘Oh I’m fairly sure I can.’

The man who had spoken gestured to the men and they released Eve and Izdaja and began to circle the woman who just stood there smiling.

One of the men lunged but the woman bent away from the blow, so fast Eve almost missed it. There was a blur and suddenly the woman was outside the circle.

She laughed and said ‘Surely you can do better than that?’

The men took up new positions around the woman and this time 4 of them attacked at the same time. The woman dodged 3 of them but even she was not fast enough to avoid the fourth with sliced her wrist and severed her hand which fell in the dirt.

Eve was watching the spectacle with some interest now and was waiting for the woman to start screaming or for shock to set in but there was no such response. The blood didn’t even spray from the wound, it trickled lazily. The woman merely looked at the wound, as if confused and then sighed.

‘I rather liked that hand.’

The men had all gone white from shock and fear.’

Wha-What are you?’

The woman smiled ‘Your worst nightmare.’ And with that she attacked. Her hand raked through the chest of one of the men, she beheaded another, and as the rest were scrambling in confusion, she stole a weapon from one of their hands and set to work, 2 of them tried to flee but she ran after them in a blur and cut them down before they made more than 10 feet. She severed the arm of another and he fell to the ground screaming. Another one managed to block her blow but she delivered an attack next that split him from hip to shoulder. The last one set down his weapon and knelt on the ground, his eyes wide.

‘Please don’t kill me.’

The woman looked at the man in disgust and drove her sword through the man’s eye and into his brain.

The woman ran to her hand and picked it up out of the dirt.

The woman then ran over to Eve and Izdaja, concern in her eyes. ‘Are you okay my dears?’

Eve answered ‘Yes were fine, that was…quite amazing. How did you do it?’

The woman looked at her with amusement in her eyes. ‘You don’t know?’

Eve thought for a while but it was Izdaja who answered ‘You’re a vampire.’

The woman gave a courtesy ‘Yes I am, and Alice is my name. Who are you?’

Izdaja pointed to himself and Eve, ‘Izdaja and Eve at your service, but what are you going to do about your hand?’

Alice waved her hand dismissively and said ‘I have a friend for that.’

With that said she turned on her and said ‘Elijah dear, don’t you want to help me?’

A figure stepped out of the shadows and Elijah walked over to Alice, he attached her hand with a few short words but when he was done he said ‘honestly, you need to be more careful Alice, just because you can’t feel pain doesn’t mean that you aren’t invincible.’

Alice rolled her eyes while Eve stomped over to Elijah. ‘Where were you?’ She demanded.

Elijah replied calmly, getting our bed for the night.’

Alice nodded her confirmation, you are staying at mine. Follow me.’

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