The Broken Angel

In the world of Mirum, a place of magic, angels, vampires, werewolves, dragons and Angels, 3 Angels are sent to investigate a disturbance in a small mining town but they find much more than a small party of goblins... An evil long thought destroyed has returned...and this time it won't leave any survivors


3. A vision of blood

At the end of the meeting, Abaven raised a hand when his audience turned to leave and said ‘Mara, Elijah, if you would stay behind for a moment? There are some things I would like to discuss with you privately.’

Elijah looked at Abaven and then at Eve, shrugged, and said to Eve ‘When I come back I want you to be able to recite to me every word of magic you have learnt.’

Eve started to protest, ‘That will take hours! I’ve learnt thousands!’

Elijah shrugged again ‘You will need all of them.’

Eve’s mouth opened to protest again but no argument came to mind so she closed it and stalked off. Mara appeared to have a silent conversation with Adam, or at least one that the others couldn’t hear. Eventually Adam chuckled and he too left the room. Finally Abaven turned to his own student, Izdaja. ‘You may do whatever you consider necessary to prepare for your journey tomorrow.’

Izdaja bowed and, without saying a word, turned and strode out of the room, the diamond door shutting with a small click behind him.

Now that their students had left all 3 Elder Ones returned to their seats in silence. It was Elijah who first broke the silence.

‘So Mara, how are your headaches? Have you been taking the medicines Eve has been preparing for you?’

I have, she is a good student, but I am unsure about whether she is ready to take your place so soon.

Elijah sighed ‘I am confident that she is able, I’ve raised her since she was 5 years old, and I know that she will make a better Elder than any of us.’

I hope so.

Abaven clapped his hands loudly, drawing their attention back to him. ‘It was Mara who called this meeting between us three so I’ll allow her to tell us why we are here.’ He nodded to Mara to indicate that she start speaking.

Mara inclined her head to Abaven slightly, and said Yes, I am about to have a vision in a few minutes and I would like you two to see what I see.

Elijah frowned ‘How do you know that you are going to have a vision?’

I had a vision about it

This time it was Abaven’s turn to be confused. ‘You had a vision about you having a vision? That sounds…confusing’

Indeed it is; the Sight has always been confusing to people, even those who are blessed with it. I will need access to et quod amethystus of course.

Abaven nodded ‘of course.’

Elijah raised a hand to stop them ‘Why? Tell me what’s going on because I’m slightly lost.’

Abaven said, slowly, ‘Yesterday Mara had a vision about her having a vision today, but she needs access to et quod amethystus because although she may very well have the vision, we won’t be able to see it, et quod amethystus –I’m just going to call it the Amethyst, it’s so much easier – the Amethyst, like all amethysts, is particularly good at channelling psychic energy, which occurs when Mara will have her vision. When the vision happens Mara will be able to channel the energy through the Amethyst and it will portray an image of her vision. We will see what she sees.’

Elijah had been nodding slowly as Abaven explained this. ‘Okay, I understand now.’

He snapped his head to Mara ‘When will your vision occur?’

About two minutes

Abaven nodded, rose from his seat and walked to the middle of the room where a small slot sat in the floor. Abaven drew his sword and slid it into the slot, a perfect fit. He twisted and the floor began to shake and it slowly retracted from the centre forming a circle about 30 centimetres wide from where the slot had been. Abaven removed his sword and a pillar of stone crowned with a jagged purple amethyst rose up.

‘Dwarven work is amazing’ Abaven muttered under his breath.

The pillar came to a stop smoothly; it was about a metre high.

Mara jumped down from her seat, surprisingly spry for her appearance. She shuffled over to the Amethyst and took hold of the crystal.

Elijah was the only one who remained sitting; he had always been bored by fortune telling, especially visions.

Okay, about thirty seconds. There was a slight tremor in her voice.

Elijah suddenly became concerned for Mara. ‘Will it hurt?’

Everything has its price these days

‘Give me a proper answer.’

It will be agony

Suddenly Mara’s back arched in pain as purple lightning shot from the Amethyst and racked her body. She ignored the pain, her eyes narrowing and concentrated on the crystal. The lightning reversed direction and shot from Mara back into the crystal. A faint image appeared on the wall but it was impossible to make out. She gave out a cry of effort and the image solidified.

In the image Elijah was laid spread eagled on the floor, his wings cut off and blood pooling around his body. There was a chalk circle surrounding his body. Another Angel was crouched at his side, his face hidden, and he took hold of Elijah’s arm, checked his pulse and when he was satisfied he let it drop, but not before he slid something of the body’s finger. The Angel looked lifted his head as if he knew that he was being watched. He turned to face Elijah, the Elijah watching, and smiled. It was Izdaja.

Elijah was unmoved and the image flickered and then faded.

Mara slumped and lost consciousness but Abaven ran to her and caught her before she fell.

‘Interesting.’ Elijah muttered under his breath.

Abaven seemed shocked by Elijah’s reaction. ‘That’s it? Just ‘Interesting’’

‘You didn’t notice? He took my ring? And then there were his eyes.’

Abaven’s eyes narrowed ‘What about them?’

‘They weren’t his, his are hazel, in the vision they were yellow, with lightning playing across them. Sound familiar?’

Abaven laid Mara down on her chair before sitting down heavily on his own. ‘Yes, but he’s dead.’

Elijah smiled slightly. ‘That’s what we tell ourselves, but someone that powerful? I don’t even think Death is strong enough to beat him.’

Abaven sighed heavily and put his head in his hands ‘Well what do we do?’

Elijah stood up and dusted down his clothes. ‘What we always do, fight the demons at our door.’

Without waiting to be dismissed Elijah walked out of the room, clicking his fingers behind him to close the diamond door.

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