My Bloody Fairytale

Esmeralda Resme, had always been fascinated about Vampires. Yes, Vampires whom had recently taken over the world. The Vampire king which is Nathaniel Stone no one outside the castle had seen him before. Nonetheless no human had seen him before. He is the most brutal and evil man you will ever meet. But there is a legend that says him 'beloved' will be the only one to turn his ice cold heart into a warm one. It also stated she will be like no other, she will be an angel sent from above, her presence will be the most inviting and welcoming place ever and her heart will be as pure as the wind driven snow.You get the gist, but innocent Esme had no idea that going to a stupid ball will change her life forever.


3. Only one word Brutal

                              I tapped the pencil against my desk impatiently as I watch the clock on the wall. Here I am in History learning about vampires. Vampires. I loathe the word, unlike other girls in the kingdom I don't swoon over them like they are god's gift to humans. They are leeches they find a way for us humans to willingly give blood to them. Either it was by force or they persuaded them.

                     School these days are different. students can't back talk a teacher or they will be punished, because the teachers are low classed vampires. I peered my eyes out the window as I look up at the gray sky. It represent exactly how humans feel: depressed.  I quickly turned my head to the teacher Mrs.Hobbes who had said something that had caught my attention. I wait patiently for her to repeat it.

            "The King is holding a ball tonight. Every girl in the kingdom must attend. This is so because the king is still searching for his bride" she replied excitedly. Of-course she was excited the king is rarely in good moods so when something like this happens every one is happy. The girls giggled and started throwing assumptions at each other about what they should wear and blah, blah, blah. The boys rolled their eyes, they were obliviously jealous that their girlfriends might be the kings bride.

The king Nathaniel Stone had never been seen to a human eyes before, furthermore no one outside the castle had seen him before. All we've known is that is is a major playboy; he f@%# them and dump them like yesterdays news paper. He's heartless and cruel once he had made a man watch his wife been killied with his hands then he forced the man to drink his wife blood. There's only one word to describe hat man Brutal.

 By now, the whole class was in an uproar.

"Now,now settle down students. remember ladies wear your best clothing that is in your closet" Mrs. Hobbes later said.

It didn't take a little bit before the bell rung signaling the end of the day. i quickly packed up my bag then left to walk in the dangerous streets of England.

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