My Bloody Fairytale

Esmeralda Resme, had always been fascinated about Vampires. Yes, Vampires whom had recently taken over the world. The Vampire king which is Nathaniel Stone no one outside the castle had seen him before. Nonetheless no human had seen him before. He is the most brutal and evil man you will ever meet. But there is a legend that says him 'beloved' will be the only one to turn his ice cold heart into a warm one. It also stated she will be like no other, she will be an angel sent from above, her presence will be the most inviting and welcoming place ever and her heart will be as pure as the wind driven snow.You get the gist, but innocent Esme had no idea that going to a stupid ball will change her life forever.


2. But before reading....

     Urhm hi okay back to what I wanted to say so...... I have no idea where to start or if i should 

    start this book so if you are interested into seeing where this story will end please gimme some feed back. Oh and i probably won't start this book until March 2015. Yeah toodles..... who the hell am I kidding there aint nobody interested.

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