Cute 5 seconds of summer imagines.
I may do the vamps imagines aswell if you would like that.


1. Michael confesses his love for you and takes you on a date

Michael takes you on a cute date

(Your POV)


I woke up to something hitting my window... Rocks?!


I rushed to the window and opened it. I looked down and saw my best friend, Michael throwing rocks at me. I had always had feelings for Michael, but I knew he didn't feel the same. He was dating a slutty girl named Abigail who obviously didn't love him-she just wanted the fame.

'Stop it Michael, you'll break my window!' I exclaimed, giggly.

'Let me in then,' He replied, sassily. I turned around and rushed downstairs to the front door. I turned the handle and swung it open to reveal my pale, lanky, red-haired best friend. He opened his arms and embraced me in a warm, tight hug.

'Oh, hey Michael... You've never hugged me like that before, are you okay?' I asked, nervously.

'No, I'm not okay,' Michael answered, I could hear that he was hurt by the way he spoke.

'What, why?!' I asked him. I was worried about him, he sounded really upset.

'She...she broke up with me,' he responded, close to tears. I knew this would happen sooner or later but I also had to be a supportive friend.

'Oh Mikey, there are so many more girls out there who would be lucky to have an amazing person like you. Abigail isn't one of those people.'

'Are you sure?' He sniffed.

'I'm sure.' Little did he know that at this moment I was wishing that I could kiss him every second of every day. But I can't. He won't ever feel the same way about me. I've been 'friend zoned' but I guess it's better than being in the fan zone. Being in the fan zone sucks.

'Come inside,' I told him, realising we were still stood outside on a cold December morning. I turned and walked through the door and Michael followed me. We plonked ourselves down on the sofa and I looked across at him.

'So, you wanna tell me what happened?' I questioned, wanting to know every single detail of how the bitch had dumped him.

Michael opened his mouth and started to tell me what happend...

'I woke up this morning and checked my phone. I had one new text. All it said was "I'm done with your shit. I'm dumping you. Delete my number and I never want to talk to you again."

After Michael finished his story I gasped in horror.

'What a bitch! She dumped you by text?! That's horrible! You deserve better Michael, never forget that!'

'Y/N... Can I tell you something? Something I have just realised?'


'Okay... I hope this doesn't make anything awkward but I... Um... How do I say this? I...I think I love you.'

'Oh Mikey... I feel the same way. I've always loved you.'



'Y/N... Will you be my girlfriend?'

'Of course I will Michael'

I shuffled over to him and hugged him.

'So... Do you want to go and see a movie or something?'

'I would love to go and see a movie with you.'

Michael stood up from the sofa and reached his hand out to me. I took his hand and he led me out the door.

'Wait!! I'm still in my pyjamas!!'

'Oh yeah... You might want to change'

I let go of his hand and ran upstairs to change. I threw on a band t-shirt, Green day-of course...My favourite band, and black skinny jeans. I threw on my galaxy print vans and a denim jacket and I was ready to go. I didn't bother with make up-I don't belive in makeup.

I ran down the stairs and saw Michael looking up at me.

'Nice T-Shirt. I love green day!'

'Me too!' I giggled and he took my hand. He led me out to the car. Michael held open the door for me.

'My lady,' Michael mimicked a posh voice.

I laughed as I got in the car. Michael got in the drivers side and put a CD in the CD player. I turned the volume up as loud as I could as 'she's a rebel' by green day poured out of the speakers. People in other cars stared at us but we really didn't care. As it came to the chorus we both sung along.


We sung in unison. It was perfect. I had a feeling this relationship was going to work out.

As we pulled up into the cinema and noticed a poster advertising a new film 'the fault in our stars'. I danced around with joy in little circles. The fault in our stars is one of my favourite books!

'OMG Michael pleasssssse can we go and see the fault in our stars?!'

'The what?! The fart in our stars?! Why would you want to see a movie about a fart in the stars?!'

'No, no, no, no, no. The fault in our stars. It's a book that has recently been made into a movie,' I explained to him while laughing at how adorable he was.

'Is it any good?' Michael asked me

'I don't know-I haven't seen it, I've read the book and that was amazing'

'Well I guess there's only one way to find out' Michael replied, grabbing my hand and leading me into the cinema.

After the film, Michael took me to our favourite restaurant, pizza express. It was the perfect evening and I couldn't be happier.


Whoooooo my first imagine

Sorry it wasn't very good🙈

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