Reality Helps Life

Last thing that happened was Luna Hemmings got into a car accident. What will happen now? Will she wake up? Will she even remember everything that happened? These questions can be answered in this final book of the Reality series.(1st book- My Brother Bestfriend, 2nd book- Appointment with Reality)
thank you @bxdaxx for the cover!


3. Picture book

Luke left to go get some food and some drinks. Ashton stayed behind trying to get me to remember him. "Sorry Ashton but, I don't remember you." I looked at him sadly. He was on the verge of tears. "Hey please don't cry. Im sure if you just give it time then I hopefully will remember you." I sat up but, groaned cause of the pain running through my chest.

"Careful, you broke 5 ribs and when one of them punctured your lung a little." He helped me lay back down. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. "You have such pretty eye. I missed seeing them and your natural hair color is beautiful." "T-thanks." I stuttered. He started to lean in but Luke barged in.

"Im back with food and people!" Ashtons backed away and frowned. "Hey Luna." I saw July. "July!!" I smiled happy. "Luna! Your okay, thank goodness!" She ran over to me and hugged me lightly. "Boys out! Mikayla Marie can stay with us. Where is she anyways?" July asked looking around.

"Mommy!" A little girl came running to July and jumped into her arms. "Hey Mikayla meet Aunt Luna. She's daddy's sissy." July smiled setting her down. "What daddy?" She asked in a cute voice. "Daddy Luke." I looked over at Luke with a puzzled look. "Oh Luna I forgot she's biologically Ashtons kid but, something happened and we broke up.

Me and Luke started to date then now we are engaged." July explained kissing Luke on the lips. "Daddy Ashton?" Mikayla walked over to Ashton tugging on his ripped up pants. "Yes baby girl?" He picked her up and smiled. Mikayla really makes him happy. "Can we go eat something? Im hungry." She giggled.

"I guess me, you and daddy Luke will go eat now." He laughed and the boys exited the room. "By the way I forgive you." July smiled slightly. "For what?" I looked at her confused. "For the whole Ashton thing. If it wasn't for what happened then me and Luke would have never been together." She looked at me concerned.

"No one told you that I don't remember Ashton at all." I looked at her sadly. "Oh, im so sorry!" July apologized over and over again. "Its fine really!" I reassured her. "Lets do something else." She handed me what looks like a photo book. "Look through it all. Ill be right back." She smiled and walked out. 

I shrugged and looked through it all it had from when I was little to now. I looked at a photo of me and a boy for a long time. It showed up hugging and looking up at each other. I smiled starting to remember that memory, the face if now clean. It was Ashton, I finished and I had all my memory back. "July!" I yelled, causing her to run in.

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