Reality Helps Life

Last thing that happened was Luna Hemmings got into a car accident. What will happen now? Will she wake up? Will she even remember everything that happened? These questions can be answered in this final book of the Reality series.(1st book- My Brother Bestfriend, 2nd book- Appointment with Reality)
thank you @bxdaxx for the cover!


4. I remember you

"What?" She looked at me concerned. I started to burst out crying, "I-I remember it all. I am so so sorry! I am not a good friend at all. I suck!" "No you don't! Its fine, I promise. Things were going down hill anyways." She tried to comfort me. "No its not!" It started to get hard to breath. "Luna... Doctor help!!" She yelled.

Doctors came running in and gave me a nose breathing thing. "Luna try not to get to worked up. Your lungs are still recovering." The doctor looked at me sternly. "O-ok." I slowly said starting to get my breath back again. I took it off and gave it back. He exited and Ashton plus Luke came running in.

"What happened?" Luke looked at me scared. "I got to worked up and cause of my lung condition right now it was hard for me to breath." I explained. July leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I always knew that Ashton liked you. You guys would make a cute couple. I promise its okay. I love Luke not Ashton. Go get Ashton." I looked at her with a unsure look and she just smiled and nodded.

"Luke come on lets go get our daughter." She dragged him out leaving only me and Ashton. "I remember you and everything." I mumbled. He looked up and smiled, "You do? How?" "July gave me a photo book and I looked through it. I remembered the most on this photo." I took out the photo of us hugging.

"I always loved that photo of us." He smiled taking out his wallet and showing the picture to me. "Me too. I am so sorry Ashton for ruining yours and Julys relationship I was drunk--." He cut me off there. "Luna its fine I was going to break things off anyways. I never loved her Luna." He looked straight at me.

I scooted over in my bed and patted next to be. He looked unsure but laid down next to me. I cuddled into on my good side and he played with my hair humming, "You know Luna, I never loved July but I do love you." I looked up and smiled, "I love you too." He kissed me on the lips and I giggled into it.

"You have such soft lips." I giggled again. He laughed after me and then kissed me again. "Guys stop, there's a kid in the room!" Luke came in with Mikayla. "Aunt Luna I want to talk to you!" She climbed onto Ashtons lap and laid down with us. "Ok!" I giggled kissing her head. "Shh don't tell anyone I told you this but, they are throwing you a party once you get out." Mikayla giggled telling me.

"Mikayla Marie you aren't suppose to tell her!" Ashton looked at her sternly. "But daddy Ashton it isn't nice to keep secrets." She complained. "She is right." I smirked. He glared at me and then kissed me. "You guys are right it isn't good to keep secrets..."


Thank you to @Im_Simply_Me to giving me the remembering idea!

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