Reality Helps Life

Last thing that happened was Luna Hemmings got into a car accident. What will happen now? Will she wake up? Will she even remember everything that happened? These questions can be answered in this final book of the Reality series.(1st book- My Brother Bestfriend, 2nd book- Appointment with Reality)
thank you @bxdaxx for the cover!


5. First Night

July decide to go home with Mikayla since it was getting late and she had to get to bed. But, they promised to come back tomorrow. Ashton and the guys went to go get food to eat and get clothes and take a shower. They all made it very clear that they planned on staying. "Luna?" The doctor knocked on the door since the door was open. "Im up." I smiled. "I imagined that you would be." He smiled and walked in.

"Im just here to make sure that everything is ok." He smiled. "Im good, beyond good!" I smiled widely. "You got lucky the way that you were hit and your condition we didn't know if you would make it. But we did it. You have a caring group of friends and family." He sat down talking to me.

"I do and im happy to have them." I gratefully smiled again. "That's good, now no more drinking or reckless stuff. Next time you might not be as lucky." He got up and left. I started to close my eyes as I heard the guys walk in. I opened my eyes and smiled, "Hey guys." I spoke.

"We didn't wake you up did we?" Ashton looked at me worried. "No your fine." I smiled weakly cause im getting tired. All the boys found somewhere to sleep either on a chair or the floor. "Psh Ashton come here and get off the floor." I whispered. He got up and looked at me worried, "I don't want t hurt you."

"You wont I promise." I reassured him. He got into my bed on my good side. "Do you know how many times I imagined being with you?" He whispered in my ear. "I feel the same way." I smiled kissing his cheek. "God I love you." He spoke. "I love you too." I smiled. "Please don't do anymore of the reckless stuff as before.." He looked at me with a sad look.

"I promise not to." I looked at him with a serious look. "Good cause I don't know what would happen if you do again." He looked down. "Don't worry I wont." I kissed him. He kissed back then pulled away smiling. "Go to sleep I will be here when you wake up." I slowly closed my eyes then I was out.  

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