Me and The Band

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Parker is an average 16 year old teen, excepted she is home-schooled and lives with her self-employed father. Her best friend is her dad and Rachael, her teacher.

Her dad gets an important job for an old friend. She makes friends and feels loved, until one mistake ruins it all.

Life gets hard for her when secrets are revealed and people remove the masks.


4. Chapter 4

I love getting get up after a nap. Unlike most people, I do wake up well rested and happier some how. I roll over and wake myself up a little more making me squash up my face. I release a breathe, slowly opening my eyes and allowing in the dim light. For a moment I panic, forgetting where I am before the hours before flood back. How can one persons life become this mad after one day? I don't even know if anyone is still here or if they left to go somewhere.

I pull my self off of the sofa, wrap the blanket round tighter and head towards the kitchen for a drink. The house is quiet for one full of 4 teenagers. And dark. I can't find a light switch anywhere, where do they hid these things? Couldn't they add an accent to them so we can see them against they white walls?

 I blindly wonder until I find the kitchen door and open it quietly to reveal the dark inside. No one in here either. I tap the wall around the door and find the switch. The lights flicker on and the room brightens showing the same interior as before. I have no idea where the glasses are kept in this house. I can just open all the cupboards until I find them, I guess. Cupboard one contains nothing but packets of food including biscuits and cookies. The next plates, bowls and glass wear. "Are you looking for something in particular?" A voice behind me says.

"A glass of water would be good" I smile at Chris. He walks over to the cupboard above the sink and hands me a glass. I fill it with water a drink it down. The cold sensation bringing relief to my scratchy throat. "Where is everyone?" I ask.

"Luca is in his room, Zalee and me are heading to the movies and Jax is at his Uncles" He grabs a bunch of keys off the table and walks towards the door. "You can test your luck and see if Luca will let you join him. His room is the third door on the left" He smiles at me an then leaves shutting the door behind him. Spend some time with Luca? It couldn't be that bad, I mean I could see if he has a gaming system and whoop his butt on Call of Duty. 

I place my glass next to the sink and head towards the door, switching the light off as I leave. I didn't want to be alone in a strangers house. I find my way to the stairs and walk up them. I wish I knew where the light switch was, nothing is scarier then walking up the stairs in the dark. What if a demon comes to drag me hell? To be honest the demon could be nicer then Luca. 

I reach the top of the stairs and I think I should celebrate my victory of making it up and not tripping up the stairs, I usually trip up the stairs so much that it is a daily occurrence.Which room is Luca's? Every door is white and they all look the same, except the one with marks on it. Does he kick his door? I go to knock on the door but I am interrupted by the singing coming from the other side of the hallway. Left, Chris said the 3rd on the left. I was pretty close considering I guessed. I stand closer to the door to hear the singing clearer. His voice is so beautiful, it sends chills down my spin. I listen to the lyrics and giggle to myself, tough guy likes Steven Universe. It's a big surprise, I thought he'd be into something like Slip Knot, not a kids show. I gentle knock on the door because as much as I wanted to hear him sing some more I didn't want to stand in the hallway anymore. 

I heard the singing stop and the room feel silent. "What?!" 

"I couldn't find anyone else" I say, he has to sympathize, right? I am a damsel in some sort of distress.

"Did you not see the note?" His voice grew louder as he spoke.


"Your dad left a note on the coffee table saying he was going for some drinks with 'Teddy'. Stupid name, by the way" He opens the door and he stands in front of me in lounge pants  with Calcifer printed on the upper thigh with "Calcifer" written horizontally next to the picture of the fire demon. He had a plain black tee on that just went over the waistband.

"Come in, I guess" He stands to one side, letting me pass. His room is nothing like imagined. His walls all white but one, it was gray but had the illusion of tree faintly on, the trees subtle and not that noticeable at first glance. The bed sat against the right wall as I enter, his bedding was black apart from one small tree spirit in the bottom right corner. Opposite his bed was his desk, covered in books and figures from various movies and games. He was a fanboy.

"Are you gonna move out the way of door or stand there with your mouth open?" Luca asks looking at me impatiently. "Oh, um sorry. I just didn't expect this" I say gesturing towards his room.

"Expect what?" He is getting pissed real quick.

"The Studio Ghibli stuff for a start, the books, the character figurines. You're a fanboy" I feel my mouth pull into a smirk. He looks at me, blankly. I feel uncomfortable under his gaze. "So?"

"Just not what I thought you would be into I guess. I thought you'd be a heavy metal kinda guy is all"  He sits on a computer chair rolled to one side of the room and grabs the TV remote. "There's a stack of movie in the cupboard, choose one". He is so blunt. Is he incapable of emotion? I would compare him to a robot but even Wall-E had emotions. 

I walk to the cupboard, open the doors and realize it isn't a cupboard, it's a closet, like Zalees.  I look around for the movies. I find a large stack by the doors. Every genre of movie from classics like Dracula to children movies like Rio. I go through them all. He has them organized in alphabetical order, I am glad I am not the only one who does that. None of these make me burst with exciting at seeing them again. Where are his Ghibli movies? He probably has a pile somewhere. I move futher down and find more DVDs by his shoes. Disney and Studio Ghibli. Now, to find a decent movie.  I pick up Howl's Moving Castle, crawl to the door and hand it to Luca. "You like this?"

"It's my favourite! I love it, I prefer the books but the movie is beautifully drawn and scripted" I smile, I can feel my eyes are wider than usual as I speak. Luca puts the DVD into the slot on the side of the TV and waits for to load. I pull myself to feet and walk over to stand by the door. Do I have to stand? Should I ask to sit down? Social interacts need instructions. Luca shifts from the chair and sits on the left side of his large bed, it has to be a queen size, no doubt. "Please sit down. You just look plain awkward and honestly it is making me uncomfortable" He smiles lightly, at me! I made the emotionless demon smile! I deserve an award for that. 

I sit on the bed next to him as the all to familiar blue introduction screen pops up and the movie starts. I sit with my legs crossed and hands placed on my ankles."I am not going to kill you, just relax. You're more tense then Jax" 

"Sorry, new place, new people" He chuckles and smiles.

"My sister is the same. Granted she is 7 but she can't handle new people". Luca with a sister, the images I imagine seem nothing but normal and happy. "You have any siblings?" I am taken back, are we bonding? Are we becoming friends? Is this a trap? What do I do? Answer, that's a good place to start. "I have a brother. He moved away, I miss him" I smile faintly but I can feel my heart sink a little and bring my hand to rub my bicep.

"Where'd he go?"

"Originally, Canada but I have no idea where he is anymore. Grayson left me shortly after my mum left. Just dad and I now" Luca pitied me. I could see it in his eyes. I always share to much! What's wrong me?! 

"Well, he's an idiot. You're probably a cool person, you like the Ninja Turtles how bad can you be?" He glances at me and I smile. "Thanks". I didn't know what else to say. I look up at the screen and see it's when Grandma Sophie cooks for Marco and Howl. It's such a nice scene, they are their own broken little family but they don't mind. They have each other. "Who's you're favourite between Howl and Sophie?" 

"Sophie. She's modest and doesn't hide behind magic. She stands up for herself. She's bad ass, really. Who's yours?" I could feel my face lighting up as I spoke.

"Howl! He's an awesome magician and he has an awesome house that moves!"

"It wouldn't move if it wasn't for Calcifer and we both know how he got there!" I wave my arms as I talk, I'm so passionate sometimes. Luca stares at me and smirks. "But Calcifer leaves and comes back. He's there on his own accord"

"At the end, not the beginning. He's there because of Howl, Calcifer is a prisoner!" Luca throws a pillow at me gently making me giggle. "I do not like being proved wrong, Elizabeth" The way he said my name, it was different from how others said it. It was gentle, and quiet and reminded me the way Grayson would say it. I smiled at the thought of my brother.  "I wouldn't have to prove you wrong if you weren't wrong" I smirk throwing the pillow back at him, it hit his head pulling him off the bed. He hit the floor with a thud. I crawl to the other side of the bed and peer over the edge. "You will so pay for that!" He says pulling himself up. I burst out laughing, Something I haven't done properly in a while. Luca starts to laugh too and it makes me so happy that I caused this amount of happiness in another person. It's alien almost to have someone to laugh with who isn't my dad.

"You want Pizza?" I nod, pulling my leg up to chest. He leans over to the chest of draws next to him and pulls out a menu for Benny's authentic pizza. How is pizza not authentic? Does it need to be Italian to be authentic or cooked in a stone oven? "What do you want?" Luca turns to me, handing me the menu, I don't need to read the menu to know what I want. A huge grin runs over my face. "BBQ chicken with jalapenos please" He blinks at me a couple of times. 

"That's what I was gonna get, wanna share one?" 

"Why not?!" I smile. He dials and I listen to him order as I watch the pictures move across the screen. Sophie's a beautiful character. She stands up for her self, she is small but she puts up a fight. Smart as well. I shiver a little and wrap my arms around myself.  Luca taps my shoulder to get my attention but stopped talking when his hand touches my shoulder. "Jesus, you're freezing!" I shiver again and shrug. 

"Well, I'm not blue so I can live" I smile. Luca gets up and opens his closet up. I hear him move the hangers about and when he emerges he throws a jacket at my head. "Do you ever aim for any where else but my head?" I laugh as I slip my arms through the sleeves. "Is this......Jake the dog?" I smirk.

"Yeah, he is awesome. Don't hate the dog" 

"Adventure Times awesome! It is my gateway cartoon. I love Marceline the best, she is so detailed and her backstory rocks!" He just smiles and shakes his head as he pulls money out of his desk draw. I zip up the jacket and put up the hood before whispering "I love you everything burrito!" This was again followed by a pillow hitting my face. 

"I am going to get the pizza. Don't break anything while I'm gone, okay?" He moves out the room and leaves me in to pull my self back up. I guess the tough guy is a softy. 

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