Me and The Band

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Parker is an average 16 year old teen, excepted she is home-schooled and lives with her self-employed father. Her best friend is her dad and Rachael, her teacher.

Her dad gets an important job for an old friend. She makes friends and feels loved, until one mistake ruins it all.

Life gets hard for her when secrets are revealed and people remove the masks.


3. Chapter 3

Jax moves to the door and shouts over to Paul and the others that I am all good and just need to rest. He walks back over and hoists himself up on the counter next to me. "Do you want to change?" I look at him and muffle a giggle at how awkward he is with this conversation. "Hey, you don't get to be awkward, that's my thing. If you take it what the hell will I have?" I nudge him playfully and he just smiles contently at me.

"You have you sense of humor!" He smiles and leaps of the counter and walks to the door leading into the foyer Dad and I walked through when Paul lead us to the bus. "Ill get you some clothes" He smiles before disappearing behind the white door.

I leap down off the counter and slip in the puddle I have made from my dripping clothes. I hear a snort off laughter and turn slowly to find Zalee standing to my side. She reaches out her hand and pulls me to my feet.

"Are you OK?" She smiles politely at me.

"Yeah, I am fine"

"You're a little accident prone, aren't you Libz?"

"Libz?" I raise my eyebrows in surprise of this new name. I am 100% sure that she doesn't like me for some reason.

"Yeah, I am the only other girl here and us women have to stick together, always" Her words made me smile. My old friend Mia use to say things like that, in fact she look a lot like Zalee, except her skin was paler. Zalee has a very nice tan as if she has spent her whole life under the sun, it is defiantly sun-kissed.

"Always" I repeat smiling happily at this girl. She stands looking at me, thinking probably.

"OK, Lizzy, I have some shorts for you. They used to be an old friends but well, it ended swiftly" Jax enters the room with some denim short and a tank top. "I didn't really keep the underwear because, well that is just creepy" He laughs handing over the clothing.

"Yep, not her underwear but the rest of it" Zalee rolls her eyes. "I have some you can keep. They are brand new so it won't be gross or anything" She leads me out of the kitchen and towards the marble stair case to the right of the door. I walk up them feeling like royalty. "Pretty cool, huh?" She smiles at me. "Paul helped get us this place once we released our first album"

"It's beautiful" I gasp in awe. Even when we reach the top the condition of the house continues. The same crisp walls with gold details line the walls. "This is me" Zalee smiles pushing open a door. Zalees room is nothing like you think it should be. Her walls are white except for one, it is black and has detailed roses painted all over it. "Do you like them? I spent an hour painting the small ones" A pair of knickers fly at me along with a bikini top. "I don't think I have a bra that will fit you" She gestures to my chest. Her chest being at least 2 sizes bigger than mine.

"Thanks" I smile, "Where can I change?"

"Here, I will go back to the garden and you can come down when you are ready!" Zalee walks to the door and pulls it shut, the only indication that she is gone is the faint click of the door. I pull off all my own clothes and drop them to the floor, a loud slap replies as I do.

Slipping on the lace knickers from Zalee I admire my figure in the mirror. I usually hate my body, well, occasionally anyway but today I really feel pretty, beautiful even. I slip my legs into the shorts which hug my hips tightly but comfortably. I tie on the bikini top so it holds everything in place, it is really cute. It is nothing but a simple blue, nothing else, it is just simple and I like that. I really like this side of me, I feel positive even though I did almost just die. God, that's morbid.

Pushing my head through the hole in the shirt I pull it gently down my body, my fingers brushing against my skin lightly. "Aw, I was enjoying that!" I freeze as I turn to see Luca standing in the frame of the door. "How long have you been there?!" I ask with anger in every word. " Well, I missed the part where you were naked. Shame, I bet you have a loving pair" He smirks as he lowers his eyes to my chest. 

"You pig!" I spit in discuss.

"I could of just left you there, sunshine!" He throws a pair of shoes at me and turns to leave. "Jax said you liked my shoes, have 'em. I don't need them anymore"

I watch the figure leave and I pick up the shoe from the floor. I knew he wouldn't just give me these shoes. The colours have all run together giving them a tie dye feel, I still like them though. Most of the water has been released from the fabric but they are still damp in places.

I pick my clothes of the floor and walk down the stairs and back to the garden. I place my clothes in a folded pile on the patio. I sit next to them and watch Chris and Zalee chase each other around the garden. I smile, they seemed happy. I think they might be a couple.

"Is this seat taken?"

"Not for you, no" I smile up at my dad.

"How are you feeling?" He asks. I smile, resting my head on his wide shoulders, I really did feel better. I just wanted to do something else than sit and talk about it. "I feel good, is Chris OK? He looked pretty shaken earlier" I feel dads body shake gently as I ask him about Chris. "Paul flipped at him. Apparently killing his child is bad for your health and image!" He chuckles again and I smile. I can't remember the last time we just talked, not about school or work but just talked about other things.

"I think he wants your attention" I point to Paul and move so he can stand up. Dad smiles and walks away to the where Paul stands next to the bus. I so hope he doesn't take much longer, I just want to sleep.

"The living room is that way" Luca says, he points to the kitchen door as if the information was useful in any way. I mean where else would the living room be. "The door at the bottom of the stairs, go lie down." I smile at him, he reads me like a book. It is a little wired but it is useful, I guess. Walking through the house to the room Luca speaks of, I sigh at the beautiful of this house.

The foyer really is a stunning room. The railing on the stairs is threaded with gold along with the marble pillars and wall paper. I want a house like this, it is so grand and just makes you feel happy. The gold detail is a theme throughout the house making it so regal.

I slide open the white door to the living room. I would complain about the colour if my entire house wasn't also in white. Of course the living room is the same as every other room made available to me but like Zalees room, there was one feature wall. The wall is a pale gold and has white flowers dotted around. Way to mix things up, Paul.

In the center of the room two sofas sit opposite each other, separated by a single glass coffee table. The drapes on the large windows are of course, white with gold details. I really need to show Paul the colour spectrum or paint swatches. Everything was white or gold or both, but the thing that had my attention was the fire place sat firmly in the wall in front of me. Golden frames holding photos sit proudly on top, my attention captivated by them. I walk around the sofas and approach the mantel rather slowly. I timidly reach for the smallest frame and smile, my brother and I sit proudly on the front of dads vintage car. It was a rust bucket, it was not vintage in any way except that he drove it when he was in his 20's. I love my brother but he gave up me and my dad to go find our mum, guess he succeeded.

I place the frame down again and lie on the sofa facing the window, the light visible over the top of the other sofa. I watch the light dance across my eyes lids. This sofa is like a cloud, I would marry this sofa but unfortunately, society isn't ready for that. I feel my self getting sleepier and I just feel my head buzzing with thoughts.

Luca is so bipolar towards me. One second he likes me the next he is an ass, what gives? I did do something to him? I can't help but notice how happy Dad seems with Paul. He hasn't been this happy for years.

I remember the last time though, when I was little, the first woman dad was dating was called Ariel, like the mermaid. She learned everything about me and she was my best friend, dad never stopped smiling around her. There was a sparkle in his eyes but when she left the sparkle went with her. She gave me a locket engraved with the word daughter, me and her are sat inside but I don't wear it. Dad always seems to be sad when I do.

A blanket is placed over shoulders and I realize my breathing has become shallow. I give in to the feeling of becoming dormant and feel my body become dense.

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