Me and The Band

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Parker is an average 16 year old teen, excepted she is home-schooled and lives with her self-employed father. Her best friend is her dad and Rachael, her teacher.

Her dad gets an important job for an old friend. She makes friends and feels loved, until one mistake ruins it all.

Life gets hard for her when secrets are revealed and people remove the masks.


2. Chapter 2

My eyes gradually adjust to the darkness that contrast the brightness outside the bus. I hate the fact that for a few seconds you go blind. "Guys, I'm sorry for the way Elizabeth ran out on you, tut tut tut ! Rude"

"Dad, It's Lizzy!" I moan, how did I not see this coming he all ways does it! Calls me Elizabeth instead of Lizzy just so I will talk to them and here they are, 4 out of 6 of the people who have heard me sing. I shuffle closer to dad as I try to hide from them.

"I'm Luka" One says proudly, his name is quite exotic. He has blond hair that sweeps to the side of his face. A lip ring sits proudly on his lower lip. His eyes shine brightly at me even though I can see he would rather be somewhere else.

"Chris" Black hair covers most of his face and what I could see of his eyes they are a pale green. I can't see much of his face really, almost as if he is trying to disconnect him self from everyone around him. Something about him is just so interesting.

Re-looking through the group again, I notice a small figure next to Chris, I almost over looked her at first. "I'm Zalee" Her words slowly left her mouth, her grip on Chris' arm gets a little tighter. A great mass of red hair covers her head and parts of her face. It is styled nicely to the side to match her outfit of the day.

The final person of this rag tag group of 4 extends his arm towards me. "I'm Jax" His words laced with origins of Australia. Blonde hair sits neatly swept out of his face and styled upwards to kept it out of his eyes. Its a not a quiff but a neat uplift, not rebellious or bad boy image that belong to Chris and Luca. His eyes are a luminous blue that captivate anyone who looks. They are such a brilliant, clear colour that I can see my self in his eyes. I blush a little at this beautiful person in front of me. I look down at my feet, I am aware that I now just look awkward but I am an awkward person so I don't really mind and the action isn't out of character.

Still standing facing the group, an awkward silence falls over the bus and dad takes it as a queue to leave us alone. "Well, I will leave you kids to mingle and make friends and what not. Squash, I'll give Rach a call and get you the day off" Dad leaped out the door, I mentally face-palm because of his us of my nickname. I look at the group in front of me, I am alone with these strangers. Jax and the others all sit on the sofa while I gather up my things from the table in the corner. "That song is lame" Zalee says making me feel awful. "But you did a good job singing it" She smiles. Her face lights up as she speaks to me, her words make me feel a little welcome.

"Thanks, are you guys into music?" I ask as I turn off the Laptop.

"Are we into it? We live it!" Luka says as if it is a piece of knowledge that I should know. I stand awkwardly looking upon the group of 4. "How can you live music?"

Suddenly, Paul appears in the door way. "Lizzy, I see you have meet the gang. Guys, tomorrow you have a small press conference. Please don't do anything stupid like last time, this can launch your career!" Paul smiles and writes all the detail on a calendar nailed to the wall.

"Why do you have a interview?" I ask shyly, I know I would regret asking and I already do. Luca lets out a snort of laughter making me want to hide away from the arrogate figure in front of me.

"We are 4 countries!" Chris tells me. Luca laughs again and whispers to Jax and Zalee. They giggle and Chris nods at them re-approaching me. He circles me like a vulture circling the dead in the desert. Chris throws me onto his shoulder and starts running out the bus and back towards the house.

"DADDY!" I scream as my Dad just stands there confused about the problem in front of him. Chris stops running just a couple feet away from the bus drive way, then I notice the pool. The clear,crisp water looks so inviting but my body just fills with more dread than I have ever know.

My breathe is cut off and my eyes start to burn. All the noise happening above is blocked out by the water. My lungs begin to burn and I really want to cry as I move frantically to try and reach the surface. I can't swim, I have never had the chance to learn and now I am going to die because of that one mistake . My head feels light and a hand gently wraps around my wrist, it feels like falling asleep even though I feel as if I have chronic heart burn.

Arms hold me close and I hear loads of panicked voices. "Elizabeth?" Dads speaks to me. I start to cough and feel things raise up from my throat. Dad places me down, I roll over and I cough up the water from my lungs giving me a room to gasp air back into my lungs.

Jax pulls me to my feet gently, steadys me and leads me to the kitchen. "I have medical training, I was going to be a doctor one day, before....this!" He smiles contently, a first aid kit in his hands. I just going to check you are a hundred percent OK" He smiles at me. I hop on to the counter and sit looking around. The kitchen is red and white, the counter tops are black with flex of red in them and all the utensils are the same shade of blood red.

"Who pulled me out?" I ask, my voice harsh because of the chlorine.

"Luca, he noticed your dads panic and rushed in, he left his favorite shoes on and everything" I smile at that part, I had noticed his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles high tops and man they are amazing!

I sit happily letting Jax do the check up and notice Paul waving his arms around at Chris, Luca and Zalee stand off the side of the conversation as if they are used to Paul shouting at someone. Would not surprise me, I notice Luca watching me through the window and I just have to turn away and face Jax, his hands busy searching for something in the bag.

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