Me and The Band

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Parker is an average 16 year old teen, excepted she is home-schooled and lives with her self-employed father. Her best friend is her dad and Rachael, her teacher.

Her dad gets an important job for an old friend. She makes friends and feels loved, until one mistake ruins it all.

Life gets hard for her when secrets are revealed and people remove the masks.


1. Chapter 1

Light seeps through my curtains coursing me to roll over and face the wall. I open my eyes a little to gaze upon my plain, white wall. My room is completely white, it doesn't show my character or individuality.

I pull my sheets closer to may face and inhale the scent of cherry blossoms. It holds in all the heat and makes me feel peaceful.

"ELIZABETH PARKER GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED, I CAN'T BE LATE!" Dad screams, making me jolt awake. I reach for my phone and awaken the screen. Big white letters cover my screen showing the time, 9:00.A.M. I have never had a lie in, I haven't finish school yet but I am constantly on the move with my Dad, Ted Parker so I get home-schooled.

I live in central London, I moved from a small town in Somerset, when Dad and I moved here 2 years ago everything changed. I had to sell a lot of my stuff, leave my friends and public schools. Worst of all, since moving to London I have no friends but my Dad and teacher. How sad is that!

Slowly, I peel myself off my bed and put my feet on my fluffy rug. Wriggling my toe's I stand up and take my slightly damp hair out of my bun I slept in. My hair is a mousey brown and comes to my lower back. It is one of my best aspects. Pulling my brush through my hair, I admire how straight it is and how it curls at the bottom.

I pull open my wardrobe door and push through my all my remaining clothes. I have so many different band shirts and TV show shirts it get kinda weird when I explain to people that I am a nerd.

I pull out my white Ninja turtles tank and find a pair of light blue, denim shorts. I lay my clothing out on my bed before I remove my PJ's and throw them on into my wash bin. I pull my clothing on over my underwear and pull on my black gladiator sandals.

As per usual, I sweep my hair over my left shoulder, letting it gently cascaded down the left-side of my body.

I brushed my teeth and grab my bag containing my school book, phone, ID and purse. I was ready to face the day.

I fly out my door on to the old, wooden landing which in my opinion is in desperate need of a carpet or something.

As I continue running down the old stairs leading to the main hallway to find the tall figure that is my father. "Finally" Dad groans folding his arms in front of his chest.

"OH, I am terrible sorry" I giggle in a posh accent. I watch my father roll his eyes at me before he pulls out his keys. "Just get in the car, Squash!"

Dad laughs chucking me the car keys.

Dad calls me Squash as when I was little my Mum called me it apparently , she ran away when I little. The woman couldn't handle beginning a mother or part of a family.

Anyway, turning to the door I start humming "Here comes the sun" by the Beatles, one of the greatest bands ever! I open the door and the natural light from the sun fills the hall. The heat is so nice compared to the freezing cold weather that we have had for the past 2 weeks.

Running to the car I jump in the passenger seat and wait for Dad. We have a little black mini-copper that will only play CD's, good thing I liked the Beatles and Nirvana. Shortly after I get comfortable Dad comes out armed with a laptop bag that contains sketch books, pencils and magazines for ideas on what can be placed inside buses.

"Keys" He demands. I throw them in his lap and put on my sunglasses which blocks out most of the UV light.

"Who today Pap?" I ask, really curious of who the days client is. My Dad fixes tour bus for un-famous and famous bands. He makes them livable for the people who will be touring in them. I have to go with him as staying at the house is no fun and he needs to make sure I 'attend' school.

"Do you remember Paul? You used to call him Teddy when you were little" Dad says, flicking on the indicator.

"Of course I do!" I practically shout at him. Paul is a family friend. After my mum left Paul helped raise me when times got tough. He is my second dad.

"It's not to far from here Squash and don't forget your extra lesson with Rachel" Dad said I need to work harder on my music if I want to make something out of my self, He called Rachel, my teacher and said I need extra music lessons on a Saturday.

"OK Papa" I smile at him. I call him Papa sometimes as he is my only family apart from my brother who moved to Canada 6 years ago. My dad is special, he is the only person I need for now.

As the car slows, I notice the large house sitting in the middle of a large land plot. "Is this it?" I gasp as we park in front of a large water fountain. The front of the house looked oddly like the White House in America. "Yes, it is honey" Dad parks the car in front of the house and unbuckles his belt. "Beauty, ain't it?"

I yank the belt off of my body as I noticed Paul walk out the building and towards the car. I fly out the car and wrap my arms around his neck. "TEDDY" I squeal as I inhale the all-to familiar scent of the man who became another father towards me.

"Well, hello to you too Lizzy!" he laughs as he wraps his arm around me and bear hugs me until I feel like my lungs are about to break. He release me only when we hear a chuckle from dad. "Haven't you grown?" He smiles, looking me over and taking in my appearance. "Well, last time we spoke I was 12 and playing with My Little Pony!" I giggle. I turn and notice dad smiling at the scene before him.

"Where's the bus then Paul?" Dad grins, slinging his laptop bag over his shoulder and throwing mine at me. I catch it just before it hits the floor and throw dad a look to say "You got lucky". "Follow me Ted!". Dad and I follow Paul through the large open space of the house. The walls are completely clean apart from one or two hand prints on the lower parts of the wall. We approach a large set of glass doors leading to the large garden. A road winds round and stop at the end of the garden. A large black bus with faded faces on the side sits on the road. "It's a private road. All the space is yours to work with Ted" He smiles and points to the area where dad can go.

Dad runs to bus in complete excitement, Paul and I burst out laughing at him, his faces alive with awe. I stop laughing when Dad gives us a death glare, however this just causes Paul to laugh more.

"Lizzy, you can have your Saturday lesson inside the bus!" Paul tells me smirking, he places a key in my hand and send me on my way.

"Fine!" I huff. I slowly walk to the door of the bus and place the key in the lock. A clunk fills my ears so I push the door open revealing what lies behind. As I enter a red couch sits to my right and a large T.V. opposite. In the far corner is a table stained with tea marks and 3 chairs placed round it, all broken in someway. On the table was a laptop and a pen, how thoughtful! NOT. I turn on the computer and log onto my Skype account, as I wait for it to load which usually takes 5-10 minutes, I write the date and the word "MUSIC" in bold across the top of my page.

My GCSE's are in a few weeks, I take mine a 2 months early than others. "LIZZY!" Rachel's screams at me, her face appearing slowly and very pixelated. Rachel is my teacher but she's like a sister to me and I can tell her every thing. "Hey, for your music today Learn how to play Little things and try putting lyric's to it Baby G" She smiles and soon her face fades away. OH BOY.

I find a guitar in a bunk bed behind a door next to me. I start strumming away at it, the chords are easy enough to remember. I have managed to get learn it enough that the lyrics fit it easily.

I tap the call button and Rachel appears on my screen again. "Rach, want to hear it?" I ask, she nods eagerly.

"Of course" She says hopefully. I have stage fright so I never sing in front of anyone and to make worst I am shy and insecure, people judge so much I have issues with it so I keep to myself. I never meet new people or sing in front of anyone but Dad.

I start strumming the first few cords and come in with the first versus of the song. I notice Rachel's eye's wondering behind me a few times. Probably nothing, she does do that a lot, look around even if there is nothing there. " And all these Little things" I finish quite proud of my self.

The feeling soon turns to fear and I feel sick as a few claps break out behind me. I feel the colour leave my face. Rachel's face reflects mine, her eyes scanning for a sign that I am OK.

I turn and ran out the bus, not being able to stay. "Squash?" Dad's concerned voice fills my ears. Turning on my heel, I race straight in to his arm's.

"16 and still run's from her troubles" Dad laughs.

"Daddy," I croak, "They heard me sing" My voice shakes out and his arm's tighten around me. "Come on squash, you have a talent and it need's to be heard!" and with that he grabs my arm and pulls me back out of the sun and in to the bus .

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