1D's Sweethearts

It's night time, in Hollywood, and 1D have nowhere to sleep. Their van was stolen and they end up at the nearest house to them. 5 girls live there, and it still has 1 big room spare. But will the popular boy band hold back their feelings for their hosts?


1. Van Man

"Guys, it's getting late. We should get some 'zzzzs'." Zayn explained. It was a dark and cold night, and the boys were all very tired.

"WHY!? IT'S ONLY 9:00!!" Louis protested, then leaped onto the sofa, landing on Zayn and Niall.

"OI!! YA DON'T NEED TO CRUSH ME TOO!" Niall yelled. He pulled a face and shoved Louis onto the floor in front of Harry.

"Come on, lads. We're almost halfway there," Harry reasoned. Louis chuckled, jumped up and quickly pecked Harry on the cheek, running away after.

"UGH!" Harry screamed, racing after Louis, and soon catching him. Their driver yelled at them all to calm down, so they sat quietly on their beds. All of a sudden, a loud SCREECH came from under the bus, followed by a continuous hissing noise.

"What was that...?" Liam asked nervously. Just then, the bus lurched to the side, throwing the boys to the right side of the bus. A loud POP came from the glass beneath them, and they tumbled out of the van yelling. Luckily, they rolled out from under the bus just in time.

Harry ran over to where the driver was, and there was a mess. He slowly walked back to the lads, and told them. Louis had to go see to believe it. After a while, he came back and started walking down the road they were headed.

The others followed him sadly, and they walked in silence.

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