1D's Sweethearts

It's night time, in Hollywood, and 1D have nowhere to sleep. Their van was stolen and they end up at the nearest house to them. 5 girls live there, and it still has 1 big room spare. But will the popular boy band hold back their feelings for their hosts?


3. The Girls

When Harry and the guys walked in, on the sofa they saw 5 girls. All of a sudden, Niall felt someone tap on his shoulder. He turned round to face them.

"Hi, my name's Lea, by the way. You're...Niall Horan...?"



"Yeah! Hi, Lea. Nice to meet you!" He replied. He looked at the other boys and saw them staring at the girls on the sofa.


He chuckled, and as Lea turned away he mumbled:

"It's very nice to meet you..."



Sorry it was such a short chapter, guys! I still need:

Zayn's gf


Liam's gf.


If you want to be any of those boys' girlfriends, write down in the comments these details:



Eye colour:

Hair colour:

Skin tone(pale, tanned, olive...):

How old you want you to be:


What style:

How many brothers/sisters:

Extra info:


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