1D's Sweethearts

It's night time, in Hollywood, and 1D have nowhere to sleep. Their van was stolen and they end up at the nearest house to them. 5 girls live there, and it still has 1 big room spare. But will the popular boy band hold back their feelings for their hosts?


4. Louis/Harry Finds His Girl...

Louis' POV


I looked at the girls that were sat on the sofa as we came in. One of them caught my eye, she was so beautiful! She had green/blue eyes, and short blonde hair (that came down to just past her shoulders). She was tall, and medium sized, which is what I like in a girl. I don't really like it when they're super skinny...


I've never felt this way before. As I watched her, she looked up and saw me. She laughed,

"Ya know, you can sit by me if you want too...?" I nodded my head eagerly, and sat by her side. She smiled at me, as we continued watching 'The Notebook'.


Harry's POV


I sat down on a chair in their living room. They were watching 'The Notebook'! That's my favorite film! Just then, I felt someone sit on the chair beside me. I looked to my right, and there sat the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. She had big blue/grey eyes, and perfect cupid-bow lips. 


I smiled at her, and she smiled back. Her blonde hair flowed in soft curls to her shoulders. She was medium sized, with an hour-glass figure. She was dazzling, in every way, and I think I believe in Love-At-First-Sight, now...


Because I've just found it.



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