1D's Sweethearts

It's night time, in Hollywood, and 1D have nowhere to sleep. Their van was stolen and they end up at the nearest house to them. 5 girls live there, and it still has 1 big room spare. But will the popular boy band hold back their feelings for their hosts?


2. Big House

1D had been walking for an hour now, and they were extremely tired. Just when they were going to give up, Niall saw something. A house. A big house.

"Look guys!" He cried, pointing at the magnificent building. They all tiredly looked up and cheered up immediately. Despite his tiredness, Louis ran straight up to the house, the others right behind him.

Before they could stop him, Louis had pounded on the door just as it started to rain. The boys heard footsteps behind the door. They stood back as the door opened, and there stood...a girl. A pretty girl. A very pretty girl.

Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn just stood there, caught in the beauty of her. Louis, however, quickly snapped out of it and asked:

"Could we...erm...possibly, maybe come in?" The girl laughed softly and said

"Of course you can, love! Come on in!"

The lads gratefully walked in, each thanking her as they walked past.

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