One way or another(niall horan love story)

Izzabelle has a stalker. A new boy in school. Will she ask him to stop or want him to continue. Read and find out.


4. chapter 4

I usually wait for Kate to walk me home but not today. I just want to get home. I quickly run through all the people and start walking home. The first couple streets I just kept my eyes ahead of me and tried not to think of the beating I had just received not more than a half hour ago.

 Then I started to feel someone's eyes on me which made my skin crawl. I turned slightly to see someone walking about ten feet behind me. I sped up some walking a block without peeking again. As I got to my street I stopped and turned around swiftly scaring them causing them to fall into my neighbors bush.

 I started laugh as their hood came down. I was faced with the new boys beautiful face. He looked up at me embarrassed and afraid.

 "Why are you following me" I ask him nervous.

 "I........I just wanted to make sure you were okay" he says stuttering and biting into his lip.

 I stare at him for a few seconds taking in his nervous features. Fear carved slightly into his beautiful face.

 "Thanks" I say smiling and reaching my hand out to him. He looks at me surprised and takes my hands helping him up. I turn to leave but he grabs my arm.

 "Can I hang out with you" he asks quietly looking down. I look at him in shock for a minute. Surprised that he would want to hang out with me.

 "Come on" I say with a smile taking his hand again and giving it a sqeeze. I led him to my house.

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