One way or another(niall horan love story)

Izzabelle has a stalker. A new boy in school. Will she ask him to stop or want him to continue. Read and find out.


3. chapter 3

 Katie was walking with me outside of the cafeteria but I stopped and told her that I needed to do something. She looked at me confused but let me. I went back in to see the boy getting up and walking out the other door. I peeked out at him and saw two huge guys walking toward him when the bell rang. I turned to run but stopped. I couldn't do it. For some reason I knew what I had to do.

 I got up to them just in time to see them throw him into lockers. I didn't no where it came from but it escaped my mouth before I could stop it.

 "Leave him alone" I yell toward them. They turned to me shocked. Before I could respond they had me up by my collar.

 "What did you say" one taunted me.

 "I said leave him the fuck alone" I screamed as they slammed me into the lockers to. I let out a scream as my body slid down the lockers.

 "You stupid bitch Katie's not here to save you this time" one said laughing at me. I looked at the boy shaking in fear. I still couldn't see his face behind the hood.

 I let out a cry of pain as they kick my stomach. One bringing their shoe into my mouth as I sob in tears. It hurt so bad. They laughed as they bashed me into the lockers again and punched at the boy some more.

 They finally left after the boy was sobbing to. I waited for them to round the corner before I started crawling over to the boy. He started shaking when he saw me press against his side trying to sit up.

 "Sh it's okay" I whisper my voice sounding kind of wierd because of the huge gash on the side of my mouth. He doesn't move away this time as I pulled down his hood. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. His eyes bright blue his hair brown towards the bottom but mostly blonde spiked up at the top his beautiful lips pouted slightly a few cuts now formed because of the beating we had just received. I reached up and placed my hand on his pale cheek his skin soft under my skin. It felt good on mine I shivered as a feeling I have never felt before traveled through my whole body.

 He reached his hand up his eyes not leaving mine and placed his hand on top of mine.

 "Tthank you" he studdered his accent like music to my ears. I smiled at him. 

  The bell rang and he jumped up and out of my grasp. He reached down and helped me up before heading out of the school.

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