One way or another(niall horan love story)

Izzabelle has a stalker. A new boy in school. Will she ask him to stop or want him to continue. Read and find out.


1. chapter 1

 I walk into school with my head down avoiding any eye contact. Like I do every morning. Hopeing they will leave me alone.  I bump into someone and fear strikes into me. I sigh in relief when I see its my friend Katie.

 "What are you doing" she says pulling me up straight. "You gotta start standing up for yourself"

   "I know" I say as we start walking toward class.

 It has always been like this since we were kids. We met one day when I was five and riding my little bike around. A boy came up and pushed me over. Tears welled in my eyes as he laughed at me.

 "Hey leave her alone" a girl my age said walking up. He pushed the boy over and helped me up.

 "What's your name" she asked me.

 "Izzabelle" I say as I stand up.

 "I'm Katie"

   We walked to the park together and played on the swing and took turns on my bike.thats when we became friends. Now here we are twelve years later and she's still saving me.

I followed her to our first period class. I could here people snickering at me when I walked in. Katie says they make fun of me so much because I'm quiet and never try to stop them. It's true I never have the self confidence to.

 I want to have the same amout of confidence as her. Want to have someone want me for me.

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