Teachers Shouldnt Date Students

Ms. Davis has been selected as the new teacher for the rest of the semester sooner or later when she meets her students one of them begins to have secret feelings for her


2. where were u last night

~~Alesha:Micheal cartel please report to my class for tutoring

Micheal:see guys later at the park


Alesha:hi Micheal how r u doing

Micheal: fine

alesha: what does ~~やあ私はあなたの先生です mean

micheal: i dunno

alesha: yes u do now answer

micheal: i really dont know sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aleasha : ok then use your notes

micheal: don't have em

alesha : so u just dont participate in class

micheal: im not gonna lie to u so no i dont i really dont

alesha: "sighs

28 minutes later

pricipal: ms Davis do u have a minute

alesha: of course

15 minutes later

alesha:the pricipal said students need to come in here for a and practice

Micheal: so im guessing tutoring over

Alesha:sure if you want to earn an f on your report card

Micheal: k so where do we do this at

Alesha: um I kinda don't know

Micheal :how about one of our homes

Alesha: what

Micheal: it'll be cool and well get done easier

Alesha: okay who's house

Micheal: my house is packed and my people might get the wrong idea

Alesha: alright lets head to my place


Alesha's house

Micheal :


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