Teachers Shouldnt Date Students

Ms. Davis has been selected as the new teacher for the rest of the semester sooner or later when she meets her students one of them begins to have secret feelings for her


1. Damn she fine

~~I'm Alesha Davis I am a Teacher at Montgomery County in Alabama

I love my students and I'm willing to go all out for them

alesha:Hi everybody I'll be your teacher for the rest of the semester I'd like every one to introduce yourselves and then we can get started I'm Mrs Davis

???:I'm Michael

???:I'm Annabelle

???:I'm Cherie

???:I'm Gabriella

15 minutes later

Alesha:if x is a part of the alphabet what is the answer to the equation X+14x33-x


Alesha:if you don't have an answer to the equation I suggest you don't talk

Michael: pssh

Alesha:is that disrespect

Michael:No mamn

Alesha:good issei

Issei :huh um mamn

Alesha:if you don't want detention please be quiet

next class

micheal :shes already bitchin

issei but you gotta admit she is fine

micheal: dude shut the fuck up

issei: just sayin did u see the ass on that thing

micheal :whatever

Issei:report cards come out next Wednesday


Issei: thats what you get for fuckin around in class get it fucki

Micheal:1 what makes you think ima have sex with my teacher 2 ill do just fine on my report car

Gabriella:asses whats with the smug faces

Issei:who was talking two u

Micheal:bitches would at least look like a decint thot

Gabriella:shut the fuck up

Micheal:whatever u say hot breath

Gabriella: and u r ahot breath asshole


Alesha's pov

 need to see  micheal his grades drop like flies

A/N:the fuck is gonna happen next

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