Get Home Alive

It is the story of an twelve year old kid that gets kidnapped while at scout camp. I asked a few people what they were most afraid of in general, and then at scout camp. Snakes in general, tents in the woods at scout camp, and many other things that I used to build my story. Hope you like it,
Charles Pan


1. Packing



    I crawled around my room, checking bags, picking up clothes. This next week was going to be my first time going to scout camp. I wanted to be as prepared as possible. I picked up the thick gray socks from  my closet and zipped up my backpack, turning around my room to try and memorize it. I saw my thick wooden desk, where I loved to draw and write. My sturdy bed, its soft comforters beckoning to lay down one last time. I sat down heavily on my mattress, my framepack weighing me down enough to leave a place in the blankets where there was a faint outline of me and my backpack. I saw my parchment walls, the color of aged paper. I looked up at the ceiling, where I had painted some of my favorite places on earth. Among them was The Y-Mount, the Outer Banks, My cousin, Clara’s, house, and the neighborhoods where my grandparents live.


¨Come on, Daniel! It’s not as if you’re going to die over the week!¨

    ¨OK!¨ I called back, doubting him slightly, ¨Unless a snake crawls into our tent the first night.¨


Dead silence. My friend, Jonathan, was horribly afraid of snakes.


¨W-Well we should probably be getting to th-the ch-church to c-catch a ride to scout c-c-camp anyway.¨


My other friend Nathaniel, or better known as Nathan, had a bit of a stuttering problem. He looked out the window and his face went white. Oh no, I thought, I think he just saw the buzzards circling our house again. Nathan went and sat on the stairs, leaning against the wall. Nathan got sick anytime he saw something that reminded him of death. His parents were murdered when he was five. The police never found who did it, but they were dead, just the same. About a week after their death, he was adopted by the Bishop Lantek. Me and him were both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Jonathan wasn’t, but I had invited him to scout activities so many times that, eventually, he joined our scout troop. Now, at my first scout camp trip, we were as prepared as we could be, or so we thought. We each had a sturdy frame pack, multiple water bottles, a surplus of energy bars, and lots of clothes. That’s even without mentioning the sleeping bag.


¨Come on Nathan,¨ Jonathan said, the rest of them already walking out the door.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I felt out of sync. Like I was fluxing in and out of reality, like I was in a coma. I shook my head, banishing the thought. Well, might as well be on time, I thought as I whisked out of the door and into the van.

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