Missing "Him"

He was perfect, to me and my friends. He had a wonderful smile, laugh, everything, he was perfect. Then he left, he stopped talking we weren't friends anymore, it was the greatest pain I ever felt. He is Joseph Fens. I am not perfect, to anyone around me. I got bullied, I was lied to, broken, hurt, and worst of all, I hid it behind smiles and laughs and no one could point it out. No one noticed how deeply upset I was. I am Abby Taylor.


3. Just Sitting

Funny, how people judge you for someone you're not, call you names that your not, and the funniest part is when you believe them. Sadly, I so happen to believe them. I never trust people, I'd get hurt, I would be left behind, I would just be a bigger mess than ever. I keep thinking of the look on his face and then, boom, he immediately forgave me, no questions asked. I can't get his blonde hair, brown eyes, and perfect smile. I couldn't seem to get the boy out of my head, he was all I thought about. I'll never see him again though. 

I walked up to my room, to punish my obsession. I could hear the pounding bass from next door. I peered outside and saw nothing, I slowly stepped into my bathroom and removed the box cutter from my cabinet and slid the blade out. Afterwords pressing down on my wrist over my scars from 2 years ago. I stopped and then here in Conway, I ended up getting bullied, so I started again. As the familiar warmth ran down my wrist. One, for falling in 'love'. Two for meeting him. Three for talking to him. I heard knocking on my door, and again and again. They seemed persistent. Hide your wrist, I went to the door and opened it with my right hand since my left wrist was in a great deal of pain. 

" I need to... Wow what happened to your wrist?" 

"N-nothing" I replied to the tall boy blonde in my doorway.

" I know something or you wouldn't be covered in blood..." he said as he grabbed wrist and flipped it around. he invited himself in and went straight into the bathroom. 

" How do you know where my bathroom is?" I asked

" We used to break in here all the time, before, you moved in." he flicked the light on and turned around.

I saw the one boy I cut myself over. The same blonde hair, brown eyes and perfection I saw at the store.

" Well?" he asked

" Wait what?"

" Where do you keep the wash cloths?" he asked

" In the bottom of the closet." he took out a black wash cloth and put cold water on it before coming over to me and washing up my cuts. He gently wiped horizontally perfectly in line with my cuts. I cringed once or twice, but it was okay. 

" Why? I mean like why do you do this stuff?"

" It just numbs all the other pain people cause me I guess"

He finished cleaning me up then embraced me. We sat there for a long time, he just sat there with his arms wrapped around my body as I cried on his shoulder. I cried hard, because of all the lies and nasty names. I cried for my mistakes and pains. Until finally he removed me and lifted my face so i was looking at him. 

"You are the most beautiful girl I've met. Please don't do it again..." He trailed off then kissed my wrists and left. I locked the door and tried to fall asleep eventually the world going quite while I slept.

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