Missing "Him"

He was perfect, to me and my friends. He had a wonderful smile, laugh, everything, he was perfect. Then he left, he stopped talking we weren't friends anymore, it was the greatest pain I ever felt. He is Joseph Fens. I am not perfect, to anyone around me. I got bullied, I was lied to, broken, hurt, and worst of all, I hid it behind smiles and laughs and no one could point it out. No one noticed how deeply upset I was. I am Abby Taylor.


1. Introduction

             It wasn't that long ago I moved to Conway, Missouri. My father had business matters to attend to here. We originally lived in South Dakota and we were constantly blowing money for my dad's plane tickets or gas for him to get to Missouri. So they just decided to move the whole family. Me, my 2 twin sisters, my mom, and my dad.

            Sometimes when your parents say, "its for the best" they mean for them. Only because, your opinion doesn't matter. The choice of a simple 15 year old is not of matter. It's not experienced and an adult would care less if you were hanging around pot smokers. My mom and dad, were never involved in my life. My sisters, I could care less about. So that's exactly how I got here today. Sitting in a U-Haul, in the middle of Iowa on my way to Missouri, with my friends sitting on my old front porch bawling their eyes out. Or that's how it was, 3 hours ago, when we left our little yellow, 2 story house with the oak tree in the front yard, and cement stairs leading to our cement porch covered by plain old boring roofing. I didn't care about the neighbors who id drugs. I didn't care that that my other neighbors were complete retards and forked our yard once a month. Only because when we picked them all we threw them like ninja stars at the tree. there were hundreds of holes and memories in that tree.

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