Missing "Him"

He was perfect, to me and my friends. He had a wonderful smile, laugh, everything, he was perfect. Then he left, he stopped talking we weren't friends anymore, it was the greatest pain I ever felt. He is Joseph Fens. I am not perfect, to anyone around me. I got bullied, I was lied to, broken, hurt, and worst of all, I hid it behind smiles and laughs and no one could point it out. No one noticed how deeply upset I was. I am Abby Taylor.


2. Good Morning Missouri

I finally made it to Missouri. Well, that was yesterday, today i am going shopping and getting signed up for school. Last night we stayed in a hotel because we got to the house at noon and could not seem to get our house ready enough. By tonight, it should be ready. my room so happens to be the only room on the side of the house and it has a balcony, with a massive walk in closet. My bathroom is huge, and the shower is mixed with a hot tub! How cool is that? All though I know there is a catch to this I honestly don't care. It's so easy to get things from my mom. there's always a catch usually not a very bad one though. The last one was, I had to keep my grades up. Easy when you think of it, well it wasn't too easy but it did seem so.  At first I was flunking all my classes but it helps when you know the password to whole grading system.

Well back to reality, we just finished the un-boxing and ordering and now the house is ready to live in and my catch should be here soon. My mom was standing on my deck, looking at the neighbors house. I walked over to her. 

"What's the catch?" I asked

"Catch?" she repeated

"Yeah you know, the part where you say, 'You can have this room if your grades stay up.', and I agree" 

"No catch"

"Impossible, there's always a catch"

"Not this time. I just wanted this to be a surprise for you."

"Like a present?" I laughed lightly

"Yes.what's so funny about that?' 

"You never do anything for ME at my party you picked my guests and invited all their parents and no one you invited was my friend."

"Whatever." she said and then left. 

I want to do some exploring. I wonder, no. I need to finish unpacking. Just a little organizing since my mom did it I thought. Slowly I began to organize my room to perfection.

"Abby we're going out for dinner are you coming?" my mother yelled to me.

"No, I'll run to the store!" I hollered back.

Normally when she picks, we go to like Red Lobster which is gross might I add. As she left I added a light layer of mascara and put my hair in a pony tail before getting in my car and driving to the store in which the address was copied to a paper and placed on the counter with 'Thought you'd need this XOXO mom' written at the bottom.

I arrived at the store and found a parking place before entering the vast lot covered by one large structure named 'Groceries and More'  The store was nice, the people around were friendly. The store had many options I could see rows of candy and canned stuff, chips, bags of all sorts of stuff as I slowly made my way to the frozen foods. There were toys, hair products, all sorts of stuff as I finally arrived to the coldest place in here, I'm almost sure. I walked down the isle with my nice warm jacket on. I stopped in front of the glass door and swung the door open, I heard a smack as I reached to grab a pizza and shot up and looked at the door. There stood a teenager 17 at most looking dumb founded as I realized what just happened. 

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry are you okay?" I burst out looking at the guy standing in front of me with a light shade of pink covering his right check in which I had hit him. 

"I'm fine, don't worry about it." he said politely turning towards me. "Hey, you must be new around here I've never seen you before." he said

"Yeah, just a few days ago." I said

"Well I have to go. Goodbye"


I opened the door slowly and picked out a pizza. I stopped and got a bag of chips and some gum and checked out.

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