My Clicks!

These are the pictures I took. Yes, photography is my hobby and I will share all my photos here :D I hope you like them!

Note: I don't want anyone to copy these pictures and paste them somewhere else. Please, I've only made this to share. If you want to, you have take my permission.

© 2015 Mercury Chap


19. Lodi Tomb

Note- The tomb was beautiful. From the inside, it was plane, normal where the bodies were buried. The whole area was really big and I wonder how many bodies they had buried there. There were letters written in Arabic on the walls which made the pretty patterns. They were so beautifully juxtaposed to one another that for people who can't read Arabic (people like me), it looks like they are simply designs embossed on the walls. Extremely beautiful. The works of the ancient architects impresses me. These days we don't get to see this kind of creativity. Beautiful.


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