The Death Of Harry Styles

Your perfect anniversary with Harry might not be so perfect after all.


3. The Expected Unexpected


You wake to the loud boom coming feom the left side of the plane. You look over at Harry who looks at you with a reasuring look like everything is alright. You can still see the fear in his eyes. Seconds later the flight attendant comes over the intercom. "We are experienceing some difficulties. We have an engine blown. Please stay calm." She hangs up the phone and gets scolded by the other attendant for telling what the problem was. Harry grabs your hand and kisses your head. His heart was beating louder than you've ever noticed.

*30 mins. later*


People start screaming and crying. "The other engine has blown. We need everyone to put on their seatbelts and put on tgwir oxygen masks." This time it was the pilot.

Harry tries to buckle your seatbelt for you. "Harry! I got it! Buckle your own!" He ignores you. You grab the oxygen mask and put it on your face.

Your heart pounds out of your chest. "Babe look at me. I love you and i want you to know that. Whatever happens I will always love you." Harry cries as he tells you this. You cry with him. "I love you too Harry."

Then all you see is blackness.

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