The Death Of Harry Styles

Your perfect anniversary with Harry might not be so perfect after all.


4. The End Of It All

You wake to the sound of beeping and loud noises of machines. You look around to see if anyone was around you. Finally you spot the emergency button on the side of your bed. You push the button. *BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* About a minute later a nurse comes running in. "

What's wrong!!??"

"Where am I? Why am I here!? Where's Harry!!!????"

"Honey, calm down. You were in a plane crash. You're in the hospital."

"But where's Harry!?"

"He's in intensive care. He's fine."

She leaves the room 5 seconds later. You feel a sharp pain in your left arm. You look to see why and you have bandages all around it. But the pain is suddenly overcame with the thought of Harry and how's he is doing.

*Next day

You are sent home and told you can't see Harry. Thank god the hospital was in your hometown. So you just catch a taxi home. You get home and sit on the couch. * RING RING

You jump at the sound of the phone.

"Hello?" You answer.

"I'm yes this is doctor Irwin. We need you to come back to the hospital ASAP."*click

You immediately run outside and call a cab. 20 mins later you're at the hospital.

"Are you y/n?"

"Erm yes."

"Follow me. "

You follow Dr. Irwin down a long hallway and enter a room at the very end. You gasp at the sight of Harry laying there motionless and unconscious. "Is he-"

"No he's not dead. He's in a comma. His heart keeps stopping and there's not much more we can do for him. We need to end it to put him out of his suffering."

Tears roll down your face burning your cheeks from the salt in the cuts left by glass and debris. A nurse hands you the cord to his machine keeping him breathing and alive. "We need you to pull the plug." The nurse says.

"You will do it on my count, okay?"

You walk up to Harry and whisper in his ear. " I love you Harry Edward Styles. Nothing can come between you and I. You are the biggest part of me." You get interrupted by Dr. Irwin. "We spun this in his pocket." He hands you a small black box. You open it to reveal a ring with a note saying "Marry Me?" You start to cry hard than before. You whisper in Harry's ear "Yes Harry, I will you marry you."


You nod at Dr. Irwin.


"I love you Harry!" You say as you kiss him,pulling the plug at the same time. *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

His heart rate stops. All that is left the corpse of the love of our life.

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