The Death Of Harry Styles

Your perfect anniversary with Harry might not be so perfect after all.


2. Paranoia

When breakfast is over you take a quick shower and do your makeup. You dress in a white tanktop with a sunflower on it and its matching black leather skirt. "Hey babe! You ready?" You jump to the sound of Harry's voice. "Did i scare you?"

"Yea a little."

"You ready?"

"Yeah." You grab your makeup/hair bag.

You where going to Paris for your anniversary. "Did you already put the bags in the car?"

"Yes." Harry says grabbing your hand.

When you go outside Harry has a limo waiting for you. This was common with him. He always tells you "If I am going to travel, might as well travel in style."

He opens the door for you to get in and scoots in next to you. "Champagne?" he asks holding up a glass for you. "Sure." You sip the champagne in silence and occasionally smile at Harry's singing.

Once you are at the airport you two grab the bags, scan them, go through the line of people waiting to get patted down, and make it onto the plane. You start shaking from being nervous. "You okay babe?" Harry asks grabbing your hand. "You're going to be okay."He kisses your hand and lets go of it to put the bags in the cubbies above your head. You sit down and snuggle up to Harry. "Babe your hand is sweating."

"What if somthing goes wrong?"

"I've flown a lot. You will be okay darling. Just listen to your music. You'll be okay." You do what he says and put in your headphones. Soon you fall asleep.

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