The Death Of Harry Styles

Your perfect anniversary with Harry might not be so perfect after all.


1. Breakfast

You wake up on a beautiful morning in londfon, which was actually just a rainy day cause thats all that ever happens here. Harry is already awake and making breakfast. You hear him singing, but you just stabd there ib the doorway listening. You try not to starttle him so you stand there silently. "Morning babe." You can almost hear the crooked smile in his voice. You smile back and reply with a small giggle. "Are you hungery? Foods almost done."


"You look adorable."

You were wearing his white teeshirt that could go for a dress.

"Thanks. It took all night to look this good."

"Dont push it." he replied.

You laugh and hug him lightly. He bends down to kiss you on the head."Set the table please." he says handing you the plates. You watch him and admire the young, strong, gorgeous man you fell in love with. "Hurry up!" Harry yells snapping you out of you blank stare. "Do you want a waffle?" You take a long pause.


"You really had to think

think about it?"

"Yes. What if you poisened it!?!"

"You really think I would poisen you on our two year anniversary?"

"Just a thought."

You think for a second.

"Wait so if it were any other day you'd poisen me?!!!"

"What? No!"

You both laugh and get on with your eating.

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