Nightmare virus

It's my first story I ever wrote, so please don't hate me for it!!! :)


2. May

When I wake up, I don't find myself on the usual white table, but on the bed which looks just like at home. Just like at home! I am cured, then! I push myself upright and see that my mother is sitting right next to me, smiling. "Good morning, May. I am sorry to invade your privacy so much, but it will be easier like that for me to question you." This is not my mother's voice. This is the person who is the source of all my nightmares but also the person who is trying to find the solution to them. I try to remember her name. Alice Newland, the person to rid me of my nightmares. She is very young, not more than 20, and she is the most intelligent person on earth. She finds cures for the Saturnian viruses, and usually she does but not now. She has been working on me for 2 months and has found no way to get rid of the virus.

"Can you please confirm your identity, May?" Alice asks me. "My name is May Ioner,I am a male, I am 19 years old and I have been sick with Influenza III for the last two months." I answer in an almost robotic voice. "I'm sorry, could you confirm your identity so that I know who is questioning me?" I ask. She doesn't resist and answers "My name is Alice Newland, I am female, I am 19 years old and I am testing your system to find a cure to the virus Influenza III." I study the features of my mother while Alice continues talking. "May, please answer my question." I have no idea what she asked about, so I pretend to be asleep. Then I notice that I am already asleep and Alice is contacting me through my dreams. "Sorry, miss Newland, I wasn't listening." I answer. "The question was when you joined the armed forces." Alice repeats with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "I joined when I was 16 years old." I say.  "Did you fake your age to be accepted?." Alice demands. "Yes, but I did that only to sustain my family. I knew that my physical abilities were good enough to pass the test."I reply confidently."And you knew that your offence is punishable by death?". "Yes, I did. But I was going to get killed anyway, either by you or by the nightmare virus!" I yell. "You had Influenza III before you went to Saturn and you didn't report it?!"Alice is furious now. She uses my mothers body to come up to me and hit me. And she hits me hard. 

Alice comes up right to my face and whispers "Sorry, I am trying to get you out of here so please play along." I pretend as if she said something very insulting and spit at her. 

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